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someone please answer my question! lol

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  • someone please answer my question! lol

    where can I found more info on installing the roadgrader and coolride parts for my 95 s-10. And im to the point of putting the roadgrader together, but do not know the best technique for takin out all the bolt stud things. PLEASE HELP! And also, i read somewhere that since i have 255-40-17 I will need a spacer to have proper clearance with the roadgrader? is this true? and if so, where can i get my hands on some spacers! lol

    Curtis sigmon
    Hampton Va

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    RE: someone please answer my question! lol

    Curtis, if you go to the ART homepage and hit " Product Info" and then " Tech. Articles" open " S10 RoadGrater" there is a great install atricle that will pretty much walk you through the install. About the tire clearance, that' s something that you' ll probably have to measure out on the truck itself.