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  • 85 chevy silverado

    Hey ppl out thur. I have a 1985 chevy silverado, with 20inch spreewells. I was wondering what kinda system im gonna need to lay frame. Will i need to change control arms, and what do i do with the leaf springs in the back. I wanna lay frame, we got these cheap s10s in town that drop the back and can scratch it, but I wanna be able to drop the back and spark the hell out of it. Well thanks.

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    RE: 85 chevy silverado

    I' ve got an 85' 1/2 ton Silverado myself. I went with Air Ride Technologies for my airbag kits. It' s about 2 inches from laying frame. I went with the coolride kit up front, and a parallel 4-link out back. I' m rolling on 17' s only, so if you using 20' s, then there' s a little more cutting and fabrication involved. If you goto " Customer cars" on this websites homepage, you can view some thumbnails of my truck. Here' s my trucks project ID# 12328. Let me know what you think and let me know if you have any more questions. Later

    -Matt M-