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    I need to airbag a 2500HD 4wd silverado w/heavy duramax engine. I want to keep factory ride height the same, but lower it 9-10" when I want it low. Main concern is the balljoint and cv joint binding. If this is the case, where can I find heavy duty, high misalignment ball joints. i can fix the cv shafts if they cause a problem. Give me any ideas you have on hwo to make this work.


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    RE: Cool project

    A guy told me today that the ball joints and CVs should be fine dropping it that much. He seems to know what he is talking about but to be honest, I am scepticle about that statement. He has not done an HD, so it is speaking from experience with other GM vehicles. It just seems that with the 4-5" of travel they have stock, that there is no way the ball joints could handle that much, unless there is enough camber change at that much compression to compensate for it. I have heard a lot of offroad guys complaining about the ball joints failing, but I am not sure if that is due to high misalignment or high loads...

    I have seen a 3500 dropped with shockwaves that looked sweet, but am not sure how much adjustment it had. I think it had a 2" static drop with ride tech control arms and the rest was air. Not 100% sure though. It was also a 2wd, but that probably won' t matter bc they probably use the same geometry and ball joints on the 4wd as 2wd. I have a call into GM, but to be honest, don' t expect a straight answer. Anyone dealt with these suspensions?