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remote pressure problems

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  • remote pressure problems

    when i adjust the cars pressure up or down with the remote it causes problems with the readings on the digital ride pro.

    a good example: have the car at ride height which for me is 90 left/right front and 70 left/right rear. jump out and use the remote for whatever you want to do.....lets say lower the car to the ground.....which would be air pressure 45 front and say 50 rear. get in the car and turn the ignition key to on so the guages read and they are at the same numbers as when i shut the car off????

    any ideas. my senders are connected to the block, i didn' t isolate them and run hoses for each so the wires could be getting interference from other wires like the compressor or battery since it' s right next to the valves in the back of the car. the guages work fine if you use the key pad though and hold pretty consistent with the norm. just not when using the remote??

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    RE: remote pressure problems

    still can' t figure this one out...anyone?

    the pressure on the guages doesn' t go down when i use the remote....however the guages do read higher when i raise the car with the remote???