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Air Ride on a 57 Fairlane and 59 Galaxie convertible

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  • Air Ride on a 57 Fairlane and 59 Galaxie convertible

    The 57 has all new suspension components with Fatman dropped spindles and new Lincoln TC coils in front, and custom leafs in back with less arch than stock, and Monroe air-shocks. Car rides well but scrapes at times. Considering doing rear only.
    Don' t want to hop or lean side to side or any such clown car activity. Just want to go low but be able to raise up fast to negotiate driveways and speed bumps etc. My air shocks are ungodly sloooooooooow.
    The 59 ragtop needs entire suspension rebuild, so maybe a complete 4 wheel system? Again, no bouncy, leany, layin' frame stuff, just want to drive low, cruise lower and park a lil' bit lower, and still have the ability to clear speed bumps and steep driveways.


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    RE: Air Ride on a 57 Fairlane and 59 Galaxie convertible

    On the 57 I would use the Air Over Leaf setup, its just a bag the bolts in between the leaf and the frame. Its really easy to setup and it cheap, only $225.00 for the suspension pieces. Add a small compressor kit with tank, airlines, gauges, switches and total cost is will be about $575.
    I don' t have a kit specific for the Galaxie, but there is a universal kit that will work, it only requires minor fabrication skills. Since you will be using the air at all times I would step up to a Ride Pro electric valve compressor kit, preferable a 4 way because of the cars weight. Total kit price will be around $1775.