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    i' m new this is forum, but i' m hoping someone can offer some advise on my project. I have an 03 sport trac 2WD that i want lowered. Those 20' s look like 10' s with all the wheel well that ford so graciously gave me. One of the many things i' d like to thank ford motor company for

    From what i' ve been told is you have to use a mustang 2 front nose clip in order to utilize air ride. This just seems like a pain in the hind end. Not to mention the cost involved. I' m running into this problem more and more now that this project is up and going, anything i do will be expensive just because its a new truck and the after market accessories are limited. i can' t even just lower it because they only make the kit for a 4WD now. I used to have a 2002 Sp Trac then traded it in because of the increased cost in lowering a 4WD, kit for the 2WD. I personally think its a ford conspiracy. anyone who has ever tried to customize a ford knows they ((ford designers)) do NOT want you to have anything but STOCK STOCK STOCK

    if anyone knows of any other ways around this please let me know. you' ll be my best friend for life.
    Thanks so much