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  • Air Bag

    On a 99 S-10 does the how much will the air bar raise the truck and drop the truck. i want to drop it but i am looking for how much lift i will get. i want to get as close to ride hieght as possible. Also the same question for air over leaf.

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    RE: Air Bag

    can i lay frame with air bar, or air over leaf? i want to retain stock drive angle.

    On 07/05/02 08:44 AM, Tony wrote:
    > With the Airbar you will be able to deflate
    > down to the bumpstop that you place on the
    > framerail. That system requires no cutting of
    > the bedfloor and does no require you to notch
    > your frame. That system will pick the truck
    > back up to almoast stock height. We also have
    > our Roadgrate bolt in four link which does
    > require you to cut the bed floor and install
    > our super C-notch system. That set up is also a
    > complete bolt in system but does require bed
    > and frame modification.
    > Tony....


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      RE: Air Bag

      Not without modifing the systems...... If you want to lay frame then go with my Roadgrater system. It will hit the deck and keep your pinion angle correct.