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Best Subframe with AirRide?

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  • Best Subframe with AirRide?


    What is the best / most compatible aftermarket subframe or preferably full chassis for pairing with a complete air ride setup on a 1968 Camaro hardtop?

    Many thanks,

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    Hi Mike,

    Before pointing you in a direction, what are looking to do with the car? Is it going to be a show car? A driver? Are you looking to possibly do any racing or autocross? You got a lot of options to choose from, so if we know what your goals are for your Camaro, it'll be easier to narrow down your options.
    We here at Ridetech mainly work with cars with the factory OEM subframes & chassis, but if you're for sure looking to do a complete new sub or chassis, we work with several quality subframe & chassis builders that can build you a subframe or chassis using Ridetech air ride.

    Thank you,


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      Thanks so much for responding, Matt. The car will primarily be a driver, just a very high performing one. My main concern with the OEM sub is just that it’s one of the very few original chassis/suspension pieces left on the car and I don’t know it’s history. If you think with solid mounts it would be a competent spirited canyon carver, I would consider sticking with OEM/OER. Do you guys ever have any problems with flex or durability running high horsepower modern engines, fully updated suspension, and wide sticky rubber on OEM style subs?

      I probably wouldn’t go with a full chassis if I did upgrade, but a clean slate on a modern subframe appeals to me. Am I being too picky here? Haha


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        On our 48 hr Camaro (the 67), that car has evolved from being a pure street car to basically a race car that can still be street driven. It has a Lingenfelter 650+ hp LS3 & 315 wide sticky tires & we've beat the tar out of it all on a stock subframe. So I'd say it's not necessary to go to an aftermarket subframe unless you just absolutely want to. Especially if you're just looking at building a really nice street driver.
        Now with that being said, if you got the subframe out of the car to clean up & re-paint, it's not a bad idea to inspect all of the GM factory welds on your subframe to make sure that there isn't a seam or area that GM missed that could use some attention.