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67 camaro, Ridetech rear, new build, chunked rear tire

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  • 67 camaro, Ridetech rear, new build, chunked rear tire

    Hello, our 67 camaro went for a test drive and the right side rear tire bottomed out, grabbed the inner fender lip, bent the fender lip and chunked the tire(275/40/18). The clearance is equal on both sides. I have the standard Ridetech rear four link with adjustable dampeners. Could that spring be underrated? Can’t remember the weight rating of the springs. The rebound dampener was set on its highest setting on the test drive. My plan is to roll the inner fender lip, I set the rebound setting 5 clicks from zero, and raise the rear end another 1/2”. I am not sure why it is only happening on the driver side.

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    One factor you have to keep in mind if you're not used to having a 4-link is that a 4-link allows the axle to articulate a lot more compared to leaf springs. When you compress one side, the tire is going to go up further into the fender well than it did with leaf springs. So what just clears when the car is sitting on level ground may not clear when the suspension is compressed on one side. You have to account for this when it comes to wheel/tire clearance to your quarter panel.

    The rear springs supplied should be a 200 lb rate & should be adequate unless you've added weight to the trunk area that we're not accounting for. Have you added stereo equipment or something to the trunk area? What's your eye-to-eye measurement on the rear shocks with the car on the ground?