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1969 Camaro Streetgrip rear frame bushings too big?

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  • 1969 Camaro Streetgrip rear frame bushings too big?

    I’m on the last step of my Streetgrip install on my 1969 Camaro and hitting a snag. The bushing hole for the leaf spring shackles in the rear frame rails has an ID of 1.500” on the dot. The bushings I have have on OD of 1.565”, so .065” bigger. I figured They would squish down with the right amount of squeeze. Well I managed to get them half way in and noticed the bushing is peeling back instead of squeezing in. I panicked and pulled the bushings out and sure enough, they look pretty mangled. Anyone deal with this before?

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    Well, I decided to pop them in a lathe and I machined the OD on the bushings down to about 1.520-1.525”. I figured they were ruined otherwise so I gave it a go. Still very tight and required pressing with a bushing tool but it fit, in my opinion, just right. There have been a couple of mentions on first gen camaro forums about the reproduction frame rails being very tight on the bushing holes. Was this a dumb move to turn the delrin down to a narrower size? Any issues that I might run into with longevity with these bushings?


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      Thanks for the measurements! The spec of the bushing that you received is spot on for what we want to see. I have also seen some of the reproduction frame rails be a little tighter than factory dimensions so I'm not 100% surprised. I don't see any problem with what you did to fix the issue at all (the main thing is that they still fit nice and tight in the sleeve and you've achieved that). Kudos to you for making it work!