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  • Problem with E3

    I have a Ride Pro E3 that was put in my 1964 Lincoln a few years ago. We’ve had trouble with leaking in the system before but never any major issues. Today, I was driving and the rear levels are at 0 and cannot be inflated. The front is fine, level and can be adjusted as normal. Our local RideTech installer went out of business so I don’t have the normal guys to turn to. There is a clicking sound when I push The + and air releases with - but no movement raising or lowering. The remote reads empty throughout. Is there a quick fix that you can help
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    Clicking when you press inflate means the controller and valves are working, but no air is being pushed into the air springs. I don't see a tank in your picture. Is there a single tank, or a tank for the front and a tank for the rear?


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ID:	59313 Thanks.
      it’s a single tank. After reading another post, I checked one way valve and that seems fine. Here are pics of tank and readings.


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ID:	59319 Just got on lift and found the problem. Bolt holding suspension in place on driver’s side tore through.
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