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    I have been working on my C3 for more years than I care to admit, anyway I am finally making progress again but I have serious concerns about how my 4 link was installed. I hired it done…. Anyway, this is one heavy beast with a 12V Cummins that should be pushing 750hp and 1500 lbs torque. The rear end is a narrowed Dana 80. To start, the welds are trash, I can fix that. But my big concern is it seems from reading online, that having the bars 40″ long is not going to work. They are 1.5″ DOM. Also, I dont like the bag placement, seems like they should be apart further. Anyway, I want to make this safe and I just dont feel it is today. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Maybe its fine once I fix the welds. I just dont know.

    Matt MillerMatt Miller

    Aside from any suspect welds you’re seeing, the actual setup of the 4-link itself doesn’t look too bad. As far as bar length, generally it is better to have as long of bars as you can so to prevent any rear steer issues as the suspension compresses. Hard to tell from your pictures, but how much air space is between your top bars & the two crossmember in front of the axle?

    The main thing I’d suggest is try to get the bags further apart. Having the bags mounted so close to the center line of the truck is going to affect the stability in the rear of the truck. You’re probably going to have some body roll issues & trouble keeping the rear of the truck leveled out with the air springs mounted that close together towards the center of the axle.

    You’ll also definitely want to install some shocks as well so there is dampening of the air bags & so you’ll have a decent ride quality.


    Thank you for the response! I did decide to go with 3″ Ballistic joints and 2.5″ DOM for the bars. I think that combination will be strong enough for anything that I do with this thing and since the Ballistic joints are cast, I dont have to worry about welds. I will move the bags out as wide as I can and figure how to get shocks mounted. I am currently reworking the cross members to ensure that I have not only support but clearance needed. I have also cut off some of the frame boxing where the frame was cut and shortened, getting it put back where it looks better and will provide better strength. I really appreciate the feedback, it helps to know that I am on the right path!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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