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    My oldsmobile has coil overs stock for the front suspension. I would like to put air ride in it but had a few questions. Would it work to remove the stock suspension in the front and install bags using brackets to match the space where the coil was? Would it work with out having any other shock absorber in the front?


    You’ve got to have some sort of shock absorber.


    What kind of olds?


    Could I just bolt in a set of some cheap monroe shocks where the old coil overs were taken out? Just to take the shock off the bags, or does it need to be strategically places on the arms?

    It’s an olds 98, 1982, 350 V8 olds rocket


    Typicall on a vehicle like that we would replace the coil spring with the air spring. The mount a shock to the rear leg of the lower arm and the frame.


    The rear is solid axle suspension. Do you guys make a bracket that bolts on or is everything weld-on?


    Nothing specific, but I do have a universal kit that will include the air springs, tubing and plates to make you own brackets. Is the coil on top of the axle or on the lower arm.


    On the rear the coil sits directly on top of the axle. I don’t trust my welding skills enough to weld onto the axle so I was looking for a bolt on bracket or sorts.


    I would use the ARI1002. You won’t have to weld to the axle. You’ll just have to weld the tube to the plate.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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