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    I bought a 2000 Ford F-150 HD with ridetech suspension. It’s neat and all but the front is too low. It takes 80 psi just to get it off the bump stops, and 140 psi to make it drivable. Obviously I’m a noob and don’t know much about the system since it was on the truck when I bought it. Was hoping for general guidance as to what needs to be done to resolve this. I also want to add that when I get it up to 140 psi, it moves up just a tiny bit, maybe 2 inches and at 140 psi, it is quite the bouncy ride.

    I won’t go into the blowing of fuses and relays in this thread. 🙂



    i don’t understand what’s you question ? or you are just sharing your informations with us ? :p


    Hahaha, yeah, pretty much a bunch of rambling because I don’t know where to start. I’m slowly figuring it out. I have a leak in the front right elbow and a leak in the supply line because it was bent too much. The dingus that installed it put the fuses and relays on the outside of the truck where they get wet, which explains why they are blowing. Pretty sure I need to get longer shocks in the front since they are not adjustable to be able to obtain a decent ride height under comfortable PSI.


    yes the system is designed to be lower , sounds like you are driving around topped out. adding more air pressure is not the answer. each shock has a recommended ride height the kit was designed around. https://www.ridetech.com/product/1997-2003-ford-f150-shockwave-front-system-master-series-single-adjustable/ if they look like these you can change the stud top and gain a few inches by changing the stud top . https://www.ridetech.com/product/coilover-adjustable-3-75-stud-shock-mount/

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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