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    Jim currieJim currie

    I have TQ series shockwaves on the rear of 67 Pontiac GTO. Travelled 700 klm. Did not use for 6 months and when I went for a drive rear shockers not operating. Was perfect before that. Air bag is operating normally. Your thoughts please.


    hard to say without looking at them, but the chances of both rear shocks going out at the same time is odd, not saying it’s not possible. did someone adjust the valving to soft so you don’t notice it working? have you turned the rebound and compression knobs and compared them?

    Jim currieJim currie

    Jason, thanks for reply mate. Hasn’t been touched but thought I would see if you had any clue. Pretty strange. I will adjust and see if I get a reaction. If they have failed shouldn’t I see oil leak?

    Matt MillerMatt Miller

    Not necessarily. Oil leaking from a shock would mean the shock seals have been compromised. Like Jason said above, definitely would be a very odd & rare situation for two shocks to go out at once. Did anything happen whilst driving the car before you noticed the rear shocks go away? How do the rear shocks feel? Do they feel like they compress too easily & bottoming out? Or do they feel overall really harsh?
    Like said above, you should take a look at the compression & rebound adjustment knobs & see where they are set & trying turning the knobs to see if you notice any changes to how the shocks behave.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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