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    I have read that others have had interference trying to install the Truturn system on first gen Firebirds with a Pontiac engine.

    Some have said that the pitman arm needs to be changed to the Camaro style and the cast manifolds or custom headers are the only exhaust options.
    Can you shed some light on what the actual fitment of this system is like in this application?

    If others have solved this already, what solutions have worked well?

    Matt MillerMatt Miller

    Yes, in some cases, when installing the TruTurn on a Firebird, you will need to swap over to a Camaro idler & pitman arm. The way to you can tell if you would need to this on your particular Firebird is to look at your factory steering linkage. If your factory draglink(centerlink) has the studs for the idler & pitman built into the centerlink, then you will need Camaro idler & pitman arm as well.

    The Pontiac engine does present unique challenges with exhaust & the TruTurn compared to SBC & LS combinations. Because of the Pontiac’s exhaust port locations & how most header companies route the tubes on the headers for the Pontiac engines, most won’t work with the TruTurn as the headers will be in the way of the inner tie rod ends. Factory or factory style cast manifolds obviously are the best option for working the TruTurn with no issues. But if your build requires headers, you’re best bet would be to get ahold of somebody like Ultimate Headers or any header manufacturer that has the ability to build a set of headers for a Pontiac around the TruTurn

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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