Historic Racing at Road Atlanta – and Corvettes are Featured!

Road Atlanta is one of our favorite places, historic / vintage road racing is one of our favorite things, and this year at the HSR Mitty, Corvette’s are the featured marque, and Corvettes are one of our favorite cars! So it is only natural that we accepted the invite to display at our products at this years HSR Mitty event at Road Atlanta on April 23, 24 & 26.

To say the mix of cars at this event is eclectic would be an understatement. From classic American muscle to European exotics, and literally every other 4 wheel vehicle this event draws enthusiast in all flavors.

Most of all, you can search a long time and not find a friendlier, and more welcoming crowd of motor-heads. The paddock area is open and you are welcome to stroll among the amazing race cars and if you stand still very long, you will find yourself talking to a new friend.

If you are visiting our website, and you haven’t been to an event like the Mitty – we HIGHLY recommend finding a historic / vintage race near you (or far away and make it a road trip!). Take your classic car, your modern muscle car, your slammed truck or your family minivan- whatever you drive you’ll find an amazing weekend of fun – and keep your eyes open for Ridetech too – ’cause we love this stuff and will be hanging around as much as we can to help all of you get the most from whatever flavor of “hot rod” you enjoy.

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