Holiday Sales 2016

The Christmas season is upon us, and RideTech wants to help you share that holiday happiness with your hot rod!  For the month of December, our holiday specials include:

$100 OFF Any 4-Link!

FREE Remotes w/Purchase of Compressor System!

$50 OFF Fuel Caps!

$2 OFF Any T-Shirt!

NEW Limited Edition Black Tire Tracks Hoodie For Only $45!!  ($47 For XXL/XXXL)

We may also be adding other sales throughout the month, so check back for updates!

And for those of you with some Christmas dollars burning holes in your pockets after the holiday, we’re giving FREE SHIPPING from December 26th-31st!

To order, visit our online store at or call us at 812-481-4787!

**Credit for remotes, 4-links, and fuel caps will be applied after order is placed.  If paying with PayPal, credit will be refunded via PayPal when order is processed**



3 thoughts on “Holiday Sales 2016

  1. Jimmy Plunkett says:

    I was wanting to know if the 100 on 4 link was on kits to part#11170210. And free shipping 26th through 31. Thanks jimmyp.

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