Hot Rod Power Tour – Reports

Wednesday, June 11th – 11:00PM As I post this, there is a torrential down-pour and 50+MPH winds outside the hotel window. What happened in the last 12 hours is rather hard to believe. After starting in the rain, the weather broke around noon and the sun came out. We had a great event, and then the storms rolled back through about 10:00PM.

The Ames Iowa stop was buzzin’. Until we get them all added up, I don’t have an official count on how many cars ran through the cones this year at the Air Ride Technologies / Year One / Peak Antifreeze Street Challenge Autocross but it was “ALOT”.

Check out a selection of photos from the Street Challenge Autocross:


Of course there are also photos of cool cars that found there way in front of the camera:



Wednesday, June 11th – 11:00AM If you haven’t caught the news, it is wet in Iowa, and it is still raining. That won’t keep us from having our fun at the Ames Iowa Power Tour Stop Street Challenge Autocross. We arrived yesterday to oversee the placement of the concrete barriers. Early this morning our crew weathered the rain to set up the course with the help of the local SCCA club. After multiple configurations were tried, we have ended up with a decent course, that reflects the rainy conditions. It is even tighter than normal to keep speeds down in the slick conditions. It should prove to be quite the challenge – and after all that is the point.


Sunday, June 8th – Thought you might like to see a photo unlikely to be seen on other sites.
The event 15 Minutes before the gate opens:

Shortly after the gates open:

Saturday, June 7th – The opening day of the 2008 Hot Rod Power Tour started off with a bang. The crowd is large and there is excitement in the air. Check back here for more updates.