How to lower your 04-08 F150 with Ridetech – increase the performance and ride quality.

We want to help you lower your 04-08 Ford F150 while making it handle better, ride better, and still be able to use the truck as it was intended – to haul stuff, pull stuff, and have fun!

Taking one of the most popular vehicles on the planet and improving it is just the sort of thing we love to do here at Ridetech. In the case of the 04-08 Ford F150, our approach was to create a simple bolt-on kit that provides a wide range of improvements:

  • Substantial drop in ride height
  • Dramatic improvements in shock technology with Ridetech mono-tube aluminum adjustable shocks that feature Fox Shock technology
  • Adjustable height to suit a wide range of truck weights (standard cab, extended cab, crew cab, long bed, short bed, camper shells, etc…)
  • Simple bolt-on installation

The new front suspension improvements used to lower your 04-08 Ford F150 centers around our proven Ridetech coil-over shocks and Hyperco springs. These single-adjustable aluminum mono-tube coil-over shocks use all the good stuff that Fox Shocks and Ridetech have developed over a decade of working together.

They feature adjustable spring mounts that provide for a 1″ to 2″ lowering of ride height. Together with the 2″ drop spindle, the kit will allow you to adjust your front suspension to achieve an aggressive stance while still maintaining adequate wheel travel and usability from your truck. 

ford f150 front ridetech coil-over install

The front of the F150 kit uses our proven Ridetech coil-over shocks that easily mount in the original location for a super-fast install.

ford f150 drop spindle install

The new 2″ drop spindle uses the original brake set-up or a wide range of aftermarket options as well.

The rear portion of the F150 lowering kit uses new shackles and mounts to “flip” the axle to the top side of the leaf springs. This proven method of lowering maintains the original leaf springs so you can still use your truck as before to haul and tow. Our new rear shackles feature delrin bushings and two options for height adjustment – which can account for various truck configurations (weights) to achieve approximately 6″ of drop in ride height. 

rear u-bolt leaf spring flip kit

The rear “flip kit” moves the rear end to the top of the leaf springs to lower the truck.

ford f150 leaf spring shackles

Optional mounting holes in the rear shackles allow for options on your truck’s height.

The shocks in the rear are also Ridetech / Fox Shocks – this time in the smooth body design to mount in the factory location. Like the front, they are aluminum, mono-tube, adjustable shocks and feature a 1,000,001 mile warranty.

The Ridetech / Fox shocks are the key to the transformational handling and ride improvements!
The front and rear shocks are easy to adjust to your ride firmness preferences.

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