64-66 Mustang Tru Turn

The early Mustang frontends have very poor suspension geometry…the tires lean outward around turns, the bumpsteer is bad, and there is little room to run a wide wheel. The TruTurn system resolves ALL these issues… the tires now lean INTO the turn, the bumpsteer is 0.000″ through 5″ of suspension travel, and you now have clearance to run up to a 245mm Tire.

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What does this system include?

  1. Spindles – taller overall to improve the camber gain
  2. Steering Arms – designed to correct bumpsteer AND allow clearance for up to a 8″ wide wheel with a 5.5″ backspacing.
  3. Draglink bracket – bolts onto your oem draglink to relocate the inner tierod end to minimize bumpsteer
  4. Tie Rod Assemblies – integrates with your new steering arms and centerlink to provide a true “no fab” bolt on steering system.
  5. StrongArms – incorporates an adjustable spherical bearing for stability, and dropped cross shaft to improve camber gain


General Features

  • StrongArm tubular lower control arms [incorporating an adjustable spherical bearing]
  • StrongArm tubular upper control arm [incorporating a dropped crosshaft to improve camber gain and caster]
  • RideTech spindles, steering arms, and geometry corrected steering linkage
  • Compatible with OEM manual AND with the Borgenson internal power steering conversion box
  • Ridetech tall spindles are only compatible with GM A/F body brake systems
  • Allows the use of a 17×8 or 18×8 wheel with a 5.5 backspace and a 245mm wide tire


Product Features

(upper and lower included in this package)
StrongArm tubular control arms not only improve suspension geometry and handling, they also make installation even easier. The added benefit when replacing control arms is new bushings and ball joints. No more worn out components.

  1. Optimized ball joint angle…
    to ensure no binding during extreme suspension travel
  2. Black powdercoated…
    for lasting appearance and protection
  3. Installed Ball Joints..
    for simple installation
  4. .219″ wall DOM tubing…
    for lasting strength and reliability
  5. Shock mounts swaybar mounts, steering stops are built in…
    no fabrication needed
  1. Proper airspring or ShockWave® placement…
    component mounts are designed in, not an afterthought
  2. Proper ball joint selection…
    we use a compression ball joint in a compression application and a tension ball joint in a tension application (just like the factory engineered it) to prevent failures
  3. Optimized arm length…
    makes proper wheel alignment a breeze
  4. Jig welded…
    every part is built right, every time

Integrated Swivel Mount

The arm is built as one piece to eliminate the strut rod. Where the factory strut rod uses a rubber bushing to attach to the car we use a bearing setup. The bearing setup gets rid of the flex that is experienced with hard braking and cornering.

Our upper control arm cross shaft lowers the pivot point. By lowering the pivot point of the upper control it increases the camber gain, this helps keep the tire flat on the road surface when you are going through hard corners. This is all done with no additional drilling, the drop is built into the control arm cross shaft.

RideTech spindles – These economical spindles allow you to drop your ride and increase ride quality. These spindles are STEEL, the strongest ones in the industry. Tie Rod Assemblies – Integrates with your new steering arms and centerlink to provide a tru “no fab” bolt on steering system.


Award Winning

The 1964-66 Mustang TruTurn package is the recipent of the 2012 – Hot Rod and Restoration Trade Show – Innovation Award.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do I have to modify my oem subframe?
    No modifications are necessary at all.
  2. Can I use my existing OEM or other aftermarket dropped spindles with this system?
    No…the RideTech spindle is a critical part of the whole system. Using a different spindle will create highly unfavorable suspension geometry and would be incompatible with our steering arms.
  3. What is “bumpsteer” and why should I be concerned about it?
    Bumpsteer is a term that refers to the control arms and the steering linkage moving in different arcs as the suspension moves through its travel. When this happens the tierods will move the steering arms [and therefore the wheels] in directions that the driver does not intend. This leads to an “uneasy” feeling car. Some OEM cars [especially older musclecars] can have a lot of bumpsteer…as much as 1″! Imagine the toe setting on your car changing unpredictably as you go down the road! The Tru Turn system nearly eliminates this situation…the bumpsteer is 0″ over the entire 5″ of suspension travel. This leads to a very stable and comfortable feeling vehicle.
  4. What is camber gain and why should I be concerned about it?
    Camber gain refers to the rate of camber change the spindle will see through the range of suspension travel. With most OEM cars [especially older musclecars], the OEM suspension geometry will lean the compressed wheel OUT when turning. [Take a look at an early Mustang taking a hard turn] With the Tru Turn suspension the compressed wheel will lean INTO the turn, keeping the tire squarely on the ground thereby offering more lateral grip AND offering a more stable turning experience.
  5. Is the Tru Turn system compatible with my OEM control arms, or other brands of control arms?
    No, the TruTurn is specifically engineered to work only with Ridetech StrongArms.

25 Replies to “64-66 Mustang Tru Turn”

  1. will this system work on a extented S-10 chassis? This is for a 1940 Oldsmobile that is sitting on the S-10. Send me a price including the duty for a shipment to Canada. thank you

  2. can you get this system with coilovers and/or notch shock towers? Didn’t see any info about spring placement here. Motion ratio would be good to know also.

  3. We do make StrongArms, Shockwaves, CoilOvers and Sway bars for the front of the 67-70’s, but we used the stock spindles arrangement. (Bret’s 69 has Rack and Pinion on it)

  4. Aloha,
    I’m building a ’64 Comet, and was thinking of converting the front end. With the GM A-body (?) brakes and coilovers, how much does your front suspension weigh compared to the original? Can it be used with a rack-and-pinion type steering like Unisteer? If it uses your coil-overs, does it allow removal of the shock towers? How is oil pan clearance, especially for say a Cobra aluminum T-pan? Can the car be lowered like the old Shelby modification, or is there another way?

  5. Are you going to be testing with a rack and pinion system? For the tru turn for 65 mustang

  6. We don’t have any formal plans to do so at the moment. But that can change in the future, but nothing in the short term.

  7. I’m interested in using Wilwood calipers, rotors etc. What application applies here? Mustang or?

  8. I already have 18×8 wheels with 4.5 backspacing . Will they fit without rubbing or will I have to get a wheel with a 5.5 backspacing and also what company makes the GM brakes with a ford lug pattern ?

  9. Hey John, you should be fine with a 18×8 wheel with 4.5″ backspacing. Each brake manufacturer has the option to use different lug patterns, you’ll want to tell the company beforehand.

  10. Hey guys,

    I’ve been coming to your site for a while now and i’m looking at your coilover system for my 68 Fastbac

    What will determine the production of this system for 67-68 mustangs?

    Secondly, seeing that this system comes with ‘Strongarms’ will there be a package price if someone wants to buy acomplete coil over package?

    Sorry for asking but ultimately I’m waiting to see you put out a ‘Tru-Turn’ for 68s so that I can get a complete ‘1 manufacturer’ system

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