Top Ten Products of 2012


For our newest sale in the month of December, we’ve rounded up our 10 most popular products and have slash prices across the board. Save on every component required to get your classic car or truck on a Ridetech suspension this winter. Check out the great deals below, but hurry, this offer only lasts until December 25th.

1.) $100 Off ShockWave Pair
The ShockWave mounts like a coilover but with an adjustable air spring for a huge range of tuning options. Buy Online »


2.) $50 Off Coilover Pair
Offering today’s hot rodders the ultimate in ride quality, handling, and simplicity with new Ridetech CoilOvers. Buy Online »


3.) $100 Off Airpods
The AirPod offers a completely integrated air compressor system that eliminates hours of installation time. Buy Online »


4.) $100 off StrongArms Set
What says performance more than a set of tubular control arms. Must purchase upper and lower arms. Buy Online »


5.) Q Series Shocks – Free Shipping
Billet aluminum monotube oem replacement shocks, applications for several vehicles. Buy Online »


6.) $100 Off Bolt-in 4 Links
The RideTech Bolt-On 4-Link bolts directly onto the oem leafspring mounts of your prized project.
Buy Online »


7.)$50 Off Weld-on 4 Links
Upgrade your leaf spring suspension with a universal 4-Link from Ridetech. Equip ShockWaves or Coilovers with our crossmember. Buy Online »


8.) $50 Off Musclebars
Enhance the cornering performance of your musclecar with the Musclebar, specifically designed for lowered cars. Buy Online »


9.) $100 Off Any TruTurn
The Tru Turn system is an upgraded steering system that improves bumpsteer, camber, and wheel fitment. Buy Online »


10.) Billet Accessories – Free Shipping
Save on billet aluminum gas caps, fender braces, door locks, wiper knobs, and more. Buy Online »