Early Mustang StreetGRIP Now Available for Pre-Order!


Arguably one of the most popular cars ever made, the Mustang was a huge hit from day one!  Names after the World War II P-51 Mustang fighter plane, this iconic car’s sales soared like its namesake, and they are still a very popular choice in today’s hotrodding crowd.  And finally, it’s time they got the suspension solution that will enhance ride quality and handling performance to bring them up to par with the Mustangs of today!  RideTech now offers its revolutionary StreetGRIP system for the 1964-66 and 1967-70 Mustangs for pre-order; with delivery beginning December 2016!  For more information, ride height dimensions, photos, and much more, visit the link below!



2 Replies to “Early Mustang StreetGRIP Now Available for Pre-Order!”

    1. Hi Raymond! We haven’t fit one up yet, but it’s possible the front of the Mustang kit will fit. I will let the engineers know about your request! Thanks!!!

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