SEMA 2016 Customer Rides

We’ve been absolutely blown away at the sheer number of awesome builds here on the show floor that are using our products; the quality of SEMA builds is always exceptional, but this year features some of the best craftsmanship we’ve ever seen.  We wanted to feature a few of these radical rides; read on for pics and info!

An interactive map of the SEMA show floor can be found HERE; it’s an easy way to find your way to where you want to go!

Builder Vehicle Location Product More Info
Reisinger Custom Rebuilding NSRA Giveaway Car, 1933 Ford 22575 Coilovers, Shocks LINK
Legens Hot Rods 60 Ford F1-C07 23787 CoilOvers LINK
Ryan’s Rod & Kustom Caddy 23395 ShockWaves LINK
Chris Carlson Hot Rods 1949 Buick 24875 HQ CoilOvers LINK
TMI Products C10 Blazer 24675 Level 1 Air LINK
Classic Car Studio C10 22563 HQ Shocks LINK
IronWorks 70 Chevelle 22931 HQ CoilOvers LINK
IronWorks 1957 Chevy 22351 Air Suspension LINK
Centerforce Clutches 60 Ford P300 Van 23813 LINK
Mike Heim 67 Camaro 51437 ShockWaves LINK
Classic Designs Concepts Challenger 21257 Level 2 Air LINK
John Dwyer 56 Nomax-Duramax 20353 HQ CoilOvers
Gas Monkey Pantera 21339 HQ CoilOvers LINK
KC’s Paint Shop & Restorations 53 Chevy truck 21441 HQ CoilOvers LINK
Big Oak Garage 32 Ford North Hall, Main Hallway Hot Rod Shocks, CoilOvers LINK
Rod Parsons 67 C10 ZL1 HRIA Feature Vehicle Area HQ CoilOvers
Mothers 59 wagon 22957 HQ CoilOvers LINK
HS Customs 58 Ford T-bird 22957 CoolRide, HQ Shocks LINK
KC’s Paint Shop & Restorations 49 F100 Roush Booth HQ CoilOvers LINK
Timeless Kustoms Vicious Mustang 23543 HQ CoilOvers LINK
Tommy Pike Customs Camaro 60005 HQ CoilOvers LINK
John Myers Mustang Ford Out Front HQ CoilOvers
Findlay Customs Chevy truck 24593 LINK
Nick Germano Chevy truck HRIA Feature Vehicle Area ShockWaves
Brookville Roadster Roadster 22797 LINK
Ross Logsdon 1962 C10 Velocity Booth Center Stage
John Wargo 77 Trans Am 10851 LINK
Saldana’s Speed Shop 1950 Dodge D100 Pickup Mopar Booth, 43155 ShockWaves LINK
Switch Suspension, Seth McAtee GMC truck Toyo Tires, Silver Lot Shocks
Derale Performance 1966 Mercury Cyclone 22335 CoilOvers LINK
 Pro-Comp Customs 1970 SOLO Charger Toyo Tires, Silver Lot ShockWaves LINK
Ironworks Speed & Kustom 1962 Chevy Bubbletop 23643 LINK
Stitchcraft Interiors, Rides By Jon 1957 Bel Air Meguiars 61004 ShockWaves, 4Link LINK
Stitchcraft Interiors 2017 Mustang Meguiars 61004 Air Suspension LINK
 Rad Rides By Troy, Inc Mariani ’29 Model A Flowmaster 22351  Hot Rod Shocks LINK


reisingers This 1933 Ford by Reisinger Custom Rebuilding of Evansville, IN is slated to be the next NSRA giveaway car! Who wouldn’t want to win a beauty like this?  See it for yourself in the NSRA booth, #22575.  More info HERE.

Here’s a gorgeous 1960 Ford by Legens Hot Rods; this beauty sports RideTech coilovers and 4Link!  You can find it in booth #23787, near the base of the Ford booth.  More info HERE. legens

ryans-rod-and-kustom We can’t get enough of seeing Ryan’s Rod and Kustom’s latest Caddy creation.  Riding on RideTech ShockWaves, it can be seen in the HRIA booth (#23395).  More info HERE.

How about this sleek 1949 Buick by Chris Carlson Hot Rods?  She sports a TCI chassis with RideTech HQ coilovers, so she rides as good as she looks!  Located in the Odyssey Batteries booth (#24875), more info can be found HERE. chris-carlson-1 chris-carlson-2

 classic-car-studio-2 classic-car-studio  We didn’t expect to see Tiffany here this year, but there she is!  This slammed C10 by Classic Car Studios is hanging out in the Holley booth, #22563 with her set of RideTech HQ shocks!  More info HERE.

This fabulous 1970 Chevelle by IronWorks has a finish so deep, it’s like glass!  Running a full set of RideTech TQ coilovers, because this beauty demands nothing less than the best.  Find it in the AutoMeter booth #22931; more info HERE.  ironworks-1 ironworks-2 ironworks-3 ironworks-4

 classic-design-concepts Classic Design Concepts brought their superbly-crafted Challenger to showcase their new widebody kit for this model in booth #21257; she rides on our Level 2 air suspension system.  More info HERE.

Owned by John Dwyer and built by James Crosby, this 1956 Nomax-Duramax is one you don’t want to miss!  Located in the ANZO booth at #20353, it rides on RideTech HQ coilovers. john-dwyer-2 john-dwyer-3 john-dwyer-4 john-dwyer

 gas-monkey-1 gas-monkey-2 gas-monkey-3  If you’re a Gas Monkey Garage fan, then this Pantera should be familiar!  Find it in the SCT booth, #21339, on RideTech HQ coilovers; more info HERE.

 This 1953 Chevy by KC’s Paint Shop and Restorations is one of a RideTech-equipped pair of trucks driven to the show by KC and his crew.  This one features RideTech HQ coilovers and can be found in the SLP Performance booth, #21441.  More info HERE.  kc-53-chevy

 tmi-products-1 tmi-products-2 tmi-products-3  TMI Products has been turning heads with their two-tone C10 Blazer; this is one you’ve gotta see for yourself, and you can do so at booth #24675!  More info HERE.

 The second offering from KC’s Paint Shop and Restorations, a 1949 F100, is lurking outdoors in the Roush booth.  More info HERE. kc-ford

mike-heim-v12  The gorgeous 1967 Camaro of Mike Heim, featuring a V12 by, has been sparking worldwide interest this week!  See it at booth #51437, more info HERE.

 Vicious Mustang by Timeless Kustoms was unveiled this week and is a true piece of art.  Get a glimpse for yourself in booth #23543.  More info HERE. vicious-mustang-1 vicious-mustang-2

ron-parsons  Rod Parsons’ gorgeous 1967 C10 ZL1 can’t be missed; catch it at the outdoor HRIA Feature Vehicle Area.

 Big Oak Garage’s slick 1932 Ford is hanging out in the North Hall’s Main Hallway; more info HERE. big-oak

hs-customs  HS Customs 1958 Ford T-bird shines in the sun at booth #22957.  More info HERE.

 The 1959 wagon in the Mother’s booth is a must-see; catch it at booth #22957.  More info HERE. 20161031172904_img_0054

 img_0852 img_0853  Centerforce Clutches brought their awesome 1960 Ford P300 “bread van”; it’s residing in booth #23813.  More info HERE.

John Myers from Kicker has his Mustang ensconced in the Ford Out Front area. img_0843 img_0844 img_0845

img_0842 Tommy Pike Customs has their Camaro in booth #60005.  More info HERE.

Findlay Customs shows off their Chevy truck in booth #24593.  More info HERE. img_0851

img_0846 img_0847 img_0848 Nick Germano’s Chevy truck is in the HRIA Feature Vehicle Area.

Brookville Roadster unveiled their new ride in booth #22797.  More info HERE. img_0849 img_0850

img_0833 Ross Logsdon’s sweet 1962 C10 is Center Stage at the Velocity Booth!

This awesome 1957 Chevy by Ironworks can be found in booth #22351 ; more info HERE. img_0903img_0900img_0901img_0902img_0854

img_0863 img_0864 img_0865 img_0866 Derale Performance Cyclone; easily one of the coolest things we’ve seen today!  Booth #22335; more info HERE.

Switch Suspension, Seth McAtee; GMC Truck in the Toyo Tires area of the Silver Lot uses our shocks! img_0872 img_0873

img_0875 img_0876 Sweet 1950 D100 by Saldana’s Speed Shop, on ShockWaves and located in the Mopar Booth, #43155

Pro-Comp Customs 1970 SOLO Charger runs RideTech ShockWaves!  Toyo Tires area, Silver Lot.  More info HERE. img_0871

20161101_161045 20161101_161120 These two beauties are in the Chevy booth!

1962 twin-turbo Chevy Bubbletop by Ironworks Speed & Kustom in the Meguiar’s booth, #23643! 20161101_161735

img_0887 Another great Tri-5; this perfect 1957 Bel Air has RideTech ShockWaves and 4Link system.  Owned by Stitchcraft Interiors and built by Rides By Jon, find it in the outdoor Meguiars area (#61004).
2017 Mustang owned by Stitchcraft Interiors on air; also in the outdoor Meguiars area #61004. img_0886

img_0895 img_0896 img_0897 img_0898 Rad Rides by Troy, Inc. unveiled the Mariani ’29 Model A at the show, and you can see it in Flowmaster’s booth #22351!  More info HERE,

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