RideTech Rides: Ronnie Wetch Built This Rare C10 Square Body

As one of the most influential people in the C10 truck community, what do you drive everyday?  For Ronnie Wetch, the driving force behind C10 Talk Podcast and YouTube videos and now C10 Nation, there is only one option. To stand out among the many amazing trucks in his world, Ronnie decided to go long — really, REALLY LONG. He purchased a 1973 C20 Cheyenne Super 3+3 crew cab long bed pickup in California.  It is most definitely a sight to behold in person. With the camper in place, Ronnie estimates that his square body measures an impossible 290 inches long and approximately 10 feet high. Couple those massive proportions with a lowered stance and you end up with one of the most unique custom trucks around.  Ronnie drives it every day to work. Given its camping purpose and slammed stance, the truck is appropriately nicknamed YelLOWstone. Rather than go crazy with frame/bed shortening and fancy body and paint work, Ronnie chose to make some choice upgrades and then hit the road.

Ronnie’s pickup is also somewhat rare. 1973 was the first year that GM factory-produced crew cab pickups. Surely, very few examples remain. They were called the 3+3, as these trucks would hold three passengers up front and 3 more in the back seat.  All were two-wheel drive and all had the 8-foot long bed.  This particular truck features the biggest engine offered in 1973, a 240hp/355lb-ft 454 with a turbo 400 trans. This is a budget build using largely factory parts with the exception of  a static drop and a set of RideTech single adjustable monotube shock absorbers. While the exterior maintains some sun-baked California patina, a fresh interior was installed along with Vintage Air AC, Dakota Digital gauges, and a stereo – Kicker amp, 10’s, 6×9’s, and 6×5’s.

YelLOWstone’s behemoth camper is a period correct 1972 model that looks right at home. The appliances inside even match the C20’s exterior and are fully functional. Adding to the vintage vibe, there are lots of stickers in the camper windows. Ronnie has a fun ritual where he like to have the owners of custom truck businesses stick on the decals themselves.  Our company founder and president, Bret Voelkel, slapped on a RideTech sticker at Scottsdale.  The camper is much more than just a decoration; along with his wife and kids, Ronnie likes to take family trips to scenic destinations as well as to custom truck events.

An Arizona Firefighter by trade, Ronnie Wetch has made quite an impact on the custom truck scene; and YelLOWstone, Ronnie’s C20 Cheyenne Super 3+3, leaves quite an impression on everyone who sees it.

Visit Ronnie’s C10 destination website at: C10Nation.com

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Without the camper, YelLOWstone is more than 240 inches long. With the camper in place, its grows to almost 300 inches long and approximately ten feet high.


YelLOWstone was built for traveling. It has visited numerous scenic destinations and truck events.


A fresh interior was installed. The Cheyenne Super was Chevrolet’s top-of-the-line trim package for 1973.


GM placed a 3+3 badge just behind the rear doors. With respect to YelLOWstone, 3+3 equals awesome!


The camper appliances nicely match the truck’s color and they work. This gas stove looks like something out of a Brady Bunch episode.


One of the camper’s old school sliding windows is covered in custom truck-related business stickers. The Square Body movement is growing stronger by the day.


Sound and heat insulation update the truck’s comfort factor without detracting from its vintage appeal.


We first encountered YelLOWstone at Goodguys Scottsdale in the Prestone display, where it attempted to block out the sun.
Here’s Ronnie at his day job — a firehouse in Arizona. As you can see, YelLOWstone almost fills a spot normally reserved for a large fire truck

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