New Project: Sharon’s 1967 Chevelle – Grand Touring Car

One of the most interesting things about RideTech is we are completely self-sufficient. In addition to developing parts on our test track and manufacturing them in-house, we have the ability to build complete, best in show builds from the ground up. It’s a full service shop with complete fabrication and paint facilities including a paint booth. It’s not open to the public, though. We only work on RideTech cars.

While the “Body Shop” (as it is known around HQ) usually works on modest R&D cars, we occasionally build a “Best-In-Show” caliber car. That’s what you see here. Built for Grand Touring, this 1967 Chevelle is being built for RideTech Co-owner Sharon Voelkel. With heated seats and a quiet cockpit, this Chevelle is being built for driving across the country, not racing. The car will be the first ever hot rod to have Instinct Electronic Shockwaves for world-class ride and handling plus ultra low stance when parked.

Lead fabricator Kurt Blackgrove, is hard at work producing subtle touches, like completely reworked panel gaps and bumpers, as well as a hand-built firewall and underwood panels. Sharon’s Chevelle rides on its original frame. All seams have been welded with all extraneous holes filled for a true show-quality frame. The project, which started life as a clean original 283 car, was completely disassembled and stripped of paint.

Power will come from a bulletproof LS engine backed by an electronic overdrive transmission. A Currie 9″ Spec rear will finish the drivetrain. The goal is to build a truly modern grand touring muscle car with full amenities including  Vintage Air, insulation and heated seats Follow along as we regularly update the project with detailed fabrication and build photos.

We started with a really nice 1967 Chevelle 283 Survivor. Bret and Sharon love driving Chevelles as they possess the right combination of comfort and performance.
The original 283 will never win any drag races, but it does confirm that the car has lived a charmed, unmodified existence.
Much like the engine bay, the cockpit is very original and covered in thick dust. It will be thoroughly replaced with a custom interior built by one of the best craftsmen in the business — Tracy Weaver at Recovery Room.
The original floors are in exceptionally nice shape with only minor surface rust. The trunk is in the same condition.
We completely disassembled the car and mounted it to a rotisserie prior to stripping.
Once naked, most cars reveal ancient flaws, but this Chevelle is super clean. For a 50 year old car you can’t ask for a better starting point. Are you jealous?
The original frame is in pristine condition as well. We stripped it down to bare metal, then welded and filled seams and holes.
Kurt, our lead fabricator, can make anything from scratch. Here, he builds a custom firewall with a recessed power master cylinder assembly.
We don’t want to give too much away, but here’s a teaser shot of our progress. Keep checking back for more updates.

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One Reply to “New Project: Sharon’s 1967 Chevelle – Grand Touring Car”

  1. Very Sharp car.
    Mine is the same car.
    I bought it and my 67 El Camino when I lived in California.
    I have owned them both for 38 years this year. My Chevelle is also in exceptionally great shape.
    I removed the side trim, and welded all the holes. I installed Super Sport trim under the rockers to make it appear to be a Super Sport, along with installing the Super Sport hood.
    I am going follow this build closely.
    Thanks for posting the photo’s, they are very inspirational.
    Karl Eastman
    Shepherdsville Ky. Originally from San Jose, California

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