A Custom Built 427 by SDPC Raceshop for the Track 1 Camaro

As everyone knows, RideTech is a suspension company. In addition to great parts, we’re known for building awesome cars too. A great handling car, however, is nothing without an engine. For 2018, our goal is to build THE FASTEST street legal autocross muscle car on the planet. It’s a tall order. To get there, we need an engine with lots of horsepower and the right power curve. Another RideTech fact ­ — we build ultra-reliable cars. We don’t race typewriters and we don’t like turning wrenches in-between rounds. As such, our Motorsports program avoids high-strung, high maintenance parts and excessive engine output in favor of a balanced approach. Technology and product development have evolved to the point where “fast” and “reliable” can happily co-exist, so failure is never an option.

Over the years, RideTech has run numerous Chevrolet Performance crate engines  including ZZ4s, LS3s, and LS7s.  Their performance and value are tough to beat. However, to meet the Track 1 Camaro’s goals, we explored the possibility of building a custom LSR-based engine. Our demands include “drag-race-with-turns” autocross competition coupled with long distance road tours. Our Motorsports program has yielded volumes of electronic data that can be used to fine-tune our engine requirements. So like a great encore at the end of an epic rock concert, we wanted more.  A custom engine from SDPC Raceshop was the answer.

The crew at SDPC Raceshop analyzed our plan and presented a 427 cubic inch combination including Wiseco 4.125” bore forged pistons connected to a Callies 4” stroke forged 4340 steel crank by way of Callies 6.125” forged rods.  The almost square bore and stroke combination makes power everywhere —  from our anticipated launch rpm to peak torque at the end of a long straight. The rotating assembly is housed in a lightweight, but indestructible (in our environment) Concept Performance 356-T6 LSR aluminum block. The design is heavily reinforced and super stable. A Dailey dry sump system provides reliable lubrication. We are notching the Track 1 Camaro’s OE crossmember to accommodate the heavy-duty external oil pump.

If you think the short block is cool, the cylinder heads are even more impressive. Brodix makes an LS7-based cylinder head called the BR7. CNC-ported by Frankenstein Engineering Dynamics, the heads flow monster amounts of air for great power without sacrificing bottom end torque. Due to the wide valve spacing, a minimum 4.125″ bore is required to use the BR7. Lightweight titanium valves and T&D adjustable rockers will help us raise our rev limiter setting for those big course layouts. SDP Raceshop designed a custom-spec hydraulic roller cam for our combination.

It all adds up to 1.56 horsepower per cubic inch. Nice. On the dyno, our naturally-aspirated SDPC Raceshop 427 makes 665 HP@6600 RPM and 590 Ft-lbs. of torque at 5600. We’re even more pleased with the way this engine makes power with 400 Ft-lbs. of torque at 4,000 rpm. The power curve is perfect for autocross. We approached this engine build from a technical perspective with the usual goals like horsepower, torque, peak rpm, launch rpm and engine weight.  In addition to helping us achieve those goals, SDPC Raceshop helped us build our dream engine. As far as we’re concerned, this is the coolest NA engine combination that RideTech has ever run on or off the track. This engine is just full of cool hardware. With this key facet of the Track 1 Camaro locked and loaded, RideTech can’t wait to finish the car, turn the key and go testing. We’ll keep the midnight oil burning.

Our bare LSR block shows off its strength. Priority main oiling sends pressurized oil to the main bearings first, then flows up towards the cylinder heads.
SDPC Raceshop degreed our hydraulic roller cam to make sure that it was manufactured  correctly and that it plays well with the crank and timing gears.
The assembled short block shows off the Wiseco pistons. We’re running head studs for maximum reliability. SDPC Raceshop uses ARP hardware.
The LSR block features heavily reinforced decks with provisions for extra head bolts and a stout lifter valley. Bronze bushings line the lifter bores.
Our 427 uses custom-spec Brodix BR7 cylinder heads that are fully CNC ported. Additional features include big 2.505″x1.610″ Trick titanium valves, double valve springs and titanium spring retainers. Vales are actuated by T&D roller rockers — not shown.
Cometic gaskets are used throughout. These are the same gaskets that NASCAR teams run in their 850 HP engines at 9000 rpm for 500 mile races.
Here are the CNC ported intake runners of our special SDPC Raceshop Brodix BR7 heads. Valve angles measure a shallow 12 degrees. Valves guides are bronze.
This gorgeous hunk of billet aluminum is our dry sump oil pan. It’s amazing to think that street-car engine technology has achieved this level.
We chose an MSD Atomic Air Force intake. It’s light weight and accepts a big throttle body like this billet unit from Nick Williams.
Black is beautiful. SDPC Raceshop makes their own billet valve covers. They feature ample clearance for shaft rockers as well as provisions for threaded crankcase evacuation plumbing.
When it was all done, SDPC Raceshop ran our 427 on their Superflow engine dyno. 665 horsepower will get the job done nicely — and reliably.
We notched the Camaro’s factory subframe to accommodate the Dailey dry sump pump.
This is a pro-touring car, so the Vintage Air frontrunner AC drive system works in conjunction with a racy dry sump setup.
Here is the SDPC Raceshop 427 mounted in the Track 1 Camaro chassis. We just ordered a ton of parts from Summit Racing. We’ll share the shopping list with you in the next installment.



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