Muscle Truck: New: “Square Body” Coilover Suspension System

New Product: 1973-1987 C10 Coilover Suspension System

“Square body,” “square fender” or whatever you call them, 1973-1987 Chevrolet C10 pickups are awesome.  By design, they have a lower rocker height than their predecessors and excellent ergonomics in the cab.  Best of all, GM must have made millions of them.  We didn’t research the actual production numbers, but Square Fenders are readily available in all shapes and sizes.

We’re here to make them even more awesome with our new 4-Link based coilover suspension system. CAD engineered and developed on our exclusive test track, our new kit will transform your Square Fender into a legitimate muscle truck with handling and ride quality that will rival many muscle cars. We designed the kit for easy, bolt-on installation with minimal cutting and zero welding required.

A real milestone, this kit is the first new suspension system to be released with RideTech’s new R-Joint delrin rod ends as an option.  R-Joints have numerous benefits over traditional heim joints including quiet operation, extended service life and a high degree of articulation for bind-free suspension travel. The secret to the R-Joint design is its self-lubricating delrin inserts. R-Joints are available separately, as well.

Here are some detail and installation photos of the new 73-87 C10 coilover system.  Look for a comprehensive installation video soon.

The big news is out back where we have developed an all-new bolt-on 4-Link kit with great CAD engineered geometry. The included C-Notch brackets are easy to locate and install.
Here is the complete rear suspension kit, minus coilovers. The front brackets mount in the same place as the factory front leaf spring mounts to simplify the locating process. All components are powder-coated.  Link bars are shown with standard bushings. RideTech’s new R-Joints are available as an upgrade.
Here is the front link mount in place. Its a heavy duty piece. The geometry provides excellent forward bite and handling.
Here’s the C-Notch and upper crossmember in place. Everything bolts in place. The Panhard bar mount (hanging down) and upper coilover mount are shown, as well.
Heres is the complete Bolt-On 4-Link kit installed with coilovers. You could just as easily install Shockwave® air springs, if preferred. Either way, ride quality is superior to leaf springs.
The front suspension is similar to our early C10 coilover kit with StrongArms®, a heavy duty upper coilover mounting bracket, dropped spindles and a 1.5″ MuscleBar® sway bar kit.
Here is the front upper coilover mount in place. The bracket locates using the original mounting holes. You will need to cut a four inch hole in the spring pocket for the coilover mount to pass through. It’s easy.
This heavy duty front brace increases structural rigidity by triangulating the original frame.
Shown with 18″ diameter U.S. Mags, the new coilover system yields a sporty, muscular stance. Ride height is adjustable.
Out on the RideTech test track, our R&D truck is a blast to drive. There is very little body roll thanks to the included 1.5″ MuscleBar®. HQ Series coilovers are rebound adjustable.
Here’s another shot of our R&D truck under full cornering load. The coilover suspension kit delivers high performance handling and world class ride quality.
Coming or going, a 73-87 C10 is a great platform for building a muscle truck. Our new bolt-on coilover suspension system makes it easier to achieve that goal.

For 1973-1987 C10 Coilover Suspension System details, click HERE.

6 Replies to “Muscle Truck: New: “Square Body” Coilover Suspension System”

  1. I have a 1974 Chevrolet C-20 truck long bed.
    Could I install your complete CoilOver system for 1973-1987 C-10 work on chassis?

    1. If you are planning to use a 1/2 Ton 10 or 12 bolt axle everything should fit. That would also allow you to convert to 5 lug wheels. Also for the front you need to use the 1/2 ton spindles that come with the kit, those would also work with 5 lug wheels and stock 1/2 ton HD brakes.

  2. How wide of a rim can be run on the back with the coil over 4 link, I currently run a 10″ rim with 5″ BS. On the front kit does it narrow the track width as compared to stock, currently running an 8″ rim and would like to go wider. this is in regards to my 83 C10 short bed.
    Thanks, John

  3. The 4 link bars are tucked tight to the frame rail, the fender well is the limiting factor on tire clearance. 10″ w/ a 275 is safe fitment. The front kit does maintain the stock track width.

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