Thrill Ride: LSFest Was Fast and Fun

In case you haven’t noticed, Team RideTech likes to party. We like to spend time with good friends and beautiful cars. Last but not least, we like to go fast. In fact, some would say that our need for speed is insatiable.  LSFest checks all of those boxes and more. Complete with a top notch car and truck show, as well as tons of vendors, LSFest is one of the best performance driving events of the year.

As LSFest is too big for just one venue,  the show consumes both Beech Bend Park and NCM Motorsports Park. The tracks are within two miles of each other.  NCM offered high-speed autocross and road course hot laps intended for the hardcore handling enthusiast. Beech Bend Park, on the other hand, looked like a county fair for car enthusiasts.  The ferris wheel turned and the roller coaster shook the earth below.  The wide range of food vendors were awesome. Your family will beg to return next year. The diehard enthusiast will enjoy events that run deep into the night including autocross, drag racing, speed-stop, (which is like really cool drag racing with turns and hard braking), the Car Craft Bolt-On Power Challenge, a Drift Challenge, a crazy burnout contest and more.

Holley Performance Products deserves immense credit for conceiving and building an event that keeps the pedal to the metal and delivers maximum smiles per mile. The numbers speak for themselves. LSFest turned out to be the largest event ever held at Beech Bend Park.

Team RideTech is honored to have SCCA national champion racer “Fast” Mary Pozzi driving the 48 Hour Camaro at LSFest. Veritable icons in the pro-touring community, Mary and her husband Dave enjoyed LSFest without the need to schlep their 2nd-gen Camaro all the way from California. Mary pressed hard all weekend and even drag raced for the first time. Congratulations to Danny Popp and his C5 Corvette for winning the Grand Champion Trophy. We will be back next year. See you there.

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