Track 1 Camaro Update: More Is Better

Like ice cream sundaes and California King beds, the latest Track 1 Camaro update is all about one word: “MORE.” We’re making room for more grip in the form of fat tires and more gears with a T56 Magnum overdrive transmission. We’re also tweaking the firewall to accommodate more ground clearance by way of low profile, full length Hooker headers. The SDPC Raceshop 427 has been shoved as far back as possible, while maintaining the stock firewall. That was the plan. We decided that a little extra working clearance was in order. It’s all about squeezing maximum performance into the stock 2nd gen f-body platform.  We’re also fitting carbon fiber body parts including doors, fenders and a deck lid. We’re adding more lightness. More is better.

Fat tires provide more grip and more visual impact. The Track 1 Camaro follows in the footsteps of the 48 Hour Corvette and 48 Hour Camaro  projects, by maintaining a stock subframe and applying our bolt-on suspension parts. RideTech is proud to offer the most developed, best performing bolt-on components in the industry. We’re able to fit 315mm wide front tires with the aid of custom, carbon fiber fenders.

There are many great aftermarket clips and frames on the market. We work with TCI Engineering, Fatman Fabrications, Speed Tech, No Limit Engineering, Schwartz Performance, Art Morrison and others.  These great manufacturers employ different methods for accommodating fat front tires.  If you choose to maintain a stock frame, follow along with the RideTech team cars. We are achieving extraordinary performance with factory frames.

Moving the 427 engine and T56 Magnum transmission rearward required modification to the firewall and transmission tunnel.  The change will require a shortened driveshaft from Dynotech Engineering. We working carefully to improve upon the original second-gen platform without losing sight of the car’s original DNA.

There is much work ahead, but we are starting to get excited. The low slung Track 1 Camaro is brimming with ultra high performance parts and potential.  We are conscious of how the Track 1 Camaro, a true 2+2 pony car, will stack up against a shorter wheelbase sports car such as the 48 Hour Corvette.   The answer is that the two platforms are different, but that won’t stop us from making the the Track 1 Camaro as low, lean and mean as possible. The next update will focus on ergonomics including pedals, steering wheel placement and driver comfort.

The SDPC Raceshop 427 has been offset rearward to improve weight distribution. Some working clearance was needed to accommodate the Hooker Headers and establish some working clearance.
You get a really good look at the Hooker Headers from the cockpit side. The transmission is a Tremec T56 Magnum with a Quicktime bellhousing.
With drivetrain mockup complete, it was time to fabricate the new transmission tunnel. You can also see the subframe connectors and Tiger Cage in this photo.
The modified firewall really highlights the clearance needed for the Hooker Headers after moving the engine rearward.
Much of the stock firewall remains intact. Note the cutout in the factory crossmember that accommodates the dry sump oil pump.
We are always blurring the line between race car and street car. The Vintage Air frontrunner system has provisions for air conditioning and a high output alternator. The Track 1 Camaro will be comfortable and reliable as well as fast and capable.
Sports car racer and founder of Lotus Cars coined the phrase “Add lightness” as the easiest and best way to go fast. These days carbon fiber body parts are readily available to help achieve that goal.
It’s important to save weight wherever possible. The carbon fiber decklid and doors are from from Ultra Carbon out of Washington.
The carbon fiber front fenders from Carbon Kustoms are subtly flared to accommodate the big 315mm/30-18 front tires. We are anxious to weigh the car when it is complete.

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Doors and decklid: Ultra Carbon

Hood fenders are from Carbon Kustoms

Lower valence and bumpers: VFN



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