Ground-Breaking Gambler: The 48 Hour Corvette Is For Sale

What do you do with the championship-winning, ground-breaking 1972 “48 Hour” Corvette now that the season is over? Do you bronze it and hang it on a wall? Do you fill it with mothballs and park it in a museum? The plan is to sell it. It will cross the auction block at Barrett-Jackson — Scottsdale without reserve. The term “no reserve” means that the car will absolutely sell to the highest bidder — no exception. 

That raises some questions.  How does one define a ground-breaking hot rod?  Will the buyers at Barrett-Jackson understand the 48 Hour Corvette’s “active suspension/championship-winning significance? ..and the big one?  What will be the final sale price once the fateful hammer drops? 

History shows that ground-breaking hot rods have significant styling features, innovative technology, or both. Most enthusiasts will agree that significant hot rods win awards.  At Bonneville, for example, cars set land-speed records, while at the drags, cars set low E.T records. Show cars, of course, win trophies.

That sets the tone for a little yellow hot rod called the 48 Hour Corvette. RideTech is proud to celebrate the fact that the 48 Hour Corvette, driven by Chris “Smitty” Smith is the 2017 Goodguys Autocross National Champion. How is that for an award? In 2017, the 48 Hour Corvette finished 1st or 2nd at EVERY Goodguys Autocross it attended. The Corvette also won the Vintage class at Optima’s Search for the Ultimate Street Car — Bowling Green and the Manufacturer’s Vintage Class at the Motor State Challenge. It won NSRA’s Streekhana at the Street Rod Nationals, too. Though not invincible, the word “Dominant” comes to mind.

The 48 Hour Corvette has real technology to back up its trophies including a comprehensive Track 1 Suspension System, billet aluminum spindles and Instinct Electronic Shock Absorbers. It’s the first restomod Corvette to run active suspension. The innovative shock absorbers use a variety of sensors to adjust dampening in mere milliseconds. That’s ground-breaking.

The 48 Hour Corvette spearheaded RideTech’s Track 1 Program as a closed loop feedback system that marries Smitty’s pedal-to-the-metal information downloads with RideTech Engineering’s structured design and prototype capabilities led by Will Stinnett and Jeff Wehr.  In addition to continuously tweaking existing products such as StrongArm™ tubular control arms, RideTech’s Track 1 Program has helped conceive and develop new products such as a Ford 9” for Corvette independent rear suspension as well as RideTech’s new race bred / street-friendly R-Joint Delrin rod ends. The 48 Hour Corvette and the Track 1 program has helped RideTech develop, produce and refine innovative parts in record time.

The latest iterations of these Track 1 parts are available to you — the end-user — in one of two ways. You can call RideTech’s main phone number and ask to speak with a Track 1 Specialist, or you can head to Scottsdale, Ariz. (January 13-21) and put your hand in the air. The parts are all bolted to the 48 Hour Corvette.

Of course, you must register to bid HERE beforehand.  Once you do, keep in mind that you have insider information.  You know that this is the FIRST classic Corvette to have Instinct Electronic Shocks. Here’s some more intel: The 48 Hour Corvette will cross the block with a fresh coat of paint, fresh service and a fresh set of ready-to-apply decals . You can decide whether or not to put them on the car.

Selling the 48 Hour Corvette at No Reserve involves risk, but one thing is for sure: The new owner will get the best handling classic Corvette ever built. If anyone wants to challenge that assertion, bring your Championship trophy as proof.

The 48 Hour Corvette will cross the famed Barrett-Jackson Auction Block with a fresh coat of screaming yellow paint. A set of championship-livery decals will be included with the sale to preserve the car’s history.
A set of 18″x12″ and 18″x11″ Forgeline GA3C wheels cover Wilwood 14″ four wheel disc brakes with forged calipers.
The 48 Hour Corvette was originally built as part of a joint effort with partner manufacturers to promote the merits of the C3 Corvette as a performance platform. The high energy build showcased the wide range of high performance products available for these beautiful cars.
The 48 Hour Corvette features a dyno-verified 649HP Lingenfelter LS7 with dry sump oiling. A dyno sheet will be included with the sale. This picture shows the car before its flares and ultra-wide tires were added. The car has continuously evolved to its current championship winning state.
Th 48 Hour Corvette features a number of one off custom body mods including recessed LED headlights, a custom front spoiler, and curvaceous flares. A one of hood with matching side gills complete the look. All body mods are functional.
The cockpit is a mix of classic Corvette restoration parts and high tech hardware including a button that lets you toggle between velvety soft ride quality and velcro-like track mode. The gauges are by Classic Instruments.
The engine consists of the latest greatest hard parts including an LS7 block filled with a Callies 4″ stroke Magnum crank, Diamond coated custom pistons, Oliver 6.125″ connecting rods, Comp Cams GT19 roller cam, ARP bolts and studs, LS7 heads with Titanium valves and topped with an MSD Intake manifold.
Here is a sample of the many trophies that the 48 Hour Corvette has amassed.

For information about RideTech Corvette products, click HERE

To Visit Barrett-Jackson’s Scottsdale 2018 page, click HERE

Thank you to the 48 Hour Corvette sponsors: 

Vintage Air, Inc. | Forgeline | Wilwood Disc Brakes | Currie Enterprises | BFGoodrich Tires | Holley Performance Products MSD Performance | Smitty’s Custom Automotive, Ltd | Racepak Data | Lingenfelter Performance Engineering | Spectre Performance | Flaming River Industries | Tremec Transmissions | GoPro | |


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    1. Hi Bart,
      The 48 Hour Corvette uses its original factory frame. We design parts that work specifically with stock frames. The 48 Hour Corvette has registered 1.7g of lateral acceleration using a stock frame along with our Track 1 Suspension, Instinct shocks and BF Goodrich Rival tires.

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