New Products Sneak Peek for SEMA

RideTech is enjoying the most exciting product research and development period of its 21 year history, with significant advancements in both air suspension and coilover systems for muscle cars, trucks and hot rods. Here is a sneak peek at just SOME of the items we are debuting at SEMA 2017. Come see them all: Booth 22587.

  • Bolt-On 4-Link for 70-81 F-Body with all new, “Uni-Cradle” design
  • R-Joint Rod Ends 17-4 stainless steel design with delrin inserts
  • Bolt-On Coilover Suspension System for 73-87 “Square Body” pickups
  • ShockWaves®2.0: Updated design with high strength composite caps
You may have seen this RideTech R&D Camaro racing at various events in 2017. Had  you crawled underneath, you would have been seen our secret new 4-Link design.
CAMARO 4-LINK: RideTech’s all new second-gen F-body 4-Link uses an innovative frame design called a “Unicradle” that works in concert with your car’s existing frame rails and rear bulkhead.
CAMARO 4-LINK: The rear bulkhead brace is a work of art — both structurally and aesthetically. It bolts to the rear bulkhead behind the back seat, but it’s almost a shame to cover it up. The brace locates and accepts the forward upper link pivot points.

Bolt-On 4-Link for 1970-1981 Camaro and Firebird “F-Body” — All New!

RideTech is proud to introduce an all-new 4-Link rear suspension system specifically for 1970-1981 Camaros and Firebirds. The design delivers exceptional performance with minimal cutting and almost no welding required. Equally important, the unique design addresses production variations and frame rail thickness issues that are common to the second-generation F-Body platform. RideTech developed an innovative “unicradle” design that is significant in two ways. Lateral tubes index off of the leaf spring mounting points rather than the frame rails. A separate steel brace bolts to the inside of the rear bulkhead area (in the cockpit) behind the seat to locate the forward mounting points of the upper link bars.

The clean-sheet design offers long upper link bars with revised mounting points for improved roll center, forward bite and anti-squat characteristics. The rear bulkhead in these cars (structure between passenger compartment and trunck) exhibit excellent strength — especially where the bulkhead ties into the floorpan at the transmission tunnel.
RideTech engineered a brace that bolts to both the bulkhead and the rear edge of the transmission tunnel while still allowing you to run a full back seat. Simple holes are drilled into the bulkhead without any welding of the unibody structure.

The two “unicradle” main tubes run parallel to the frame rails as well as the upper shock crossmember and forward lower link brackets. These main tubes bolt to the fore and aft leaf spring eye mounting points. The leaf spring mounting points accurately locate the entire system to circumvent production variances that are common to the second generation F-Body platform. As these cars were produced over a 12-year period, GM made production changes to the rear of the unibody in order to accommodate emission
equipment. Furthermore, second generation F-bodies exhibit inherent variations in frame rail thickness.

Our self-contained design is an innovative solution with excellent geometry and a straightforward installation process. The design offers dramatic gains with respect to both handling and ride quality.

R-JOINT:  The unique, investment cast stainless steel design offers exceptional strength coupled with high wear resistance and no noise.

R-Joint Rod Ends: 17-4 Stainless Steel with Delrin Inserts

RideTech’s new R-Joint rod end (heim joints) utilizes an investment cast stainless stell body coupled with a special Delrin AF cage to combine the best qualities of low-friction movement, lateral stability, full range articulation, and quiet operation into one special bearing that is as at home on the street as it is on the racetrack.

  • Articulates in 3 planes with 360 degree axial rotation
    and 30 degrees of lateral rotation.
  • 17-4 stainless steel housing with rolled threads.
  • Independently tested to 50,000 lbs tensile strength.
  • Polished stainless steel ball and unique Delrin AF cage provides consistent, low-friction movement.
  • Special Delrin AF compound needs NO lubrication.
  • Self-cleaning design is not affected by water, grit, dirt or debris.
  • Spring loaded closure mechanism. Tight and rattle free for LIFE!

73-87 C10 COILOVER SYSTEM: This complete coilover suspension system includes everything shown PLUS a set of HQ Series single adjustable coilovers (not shown). Installation is 100% bolt-on with no welding and minimal cutting. Bolt-On Coilover Suspension for 73-87 C10 “Square-Body” Pickups turn your “Square Fender” C10 into a high performance muscle truck. Our new coilover suspension system is CAD engineered and developed on our Test Track. The complete kit includes everything that you need for a proper conversion including an all new Bolt-On 4-Link. This is the best handling, best riding system on the market with awesome stance. Exclusive, all-new patent pending R-Joint Rod Ends offer smooth roll articulation with no noise and no bind. It’s available separately or as part of this coilover suspension system.

  • New Bolt-On 4-Link with C-Notch and Panhard Bar.
  • Rear suspension installs with zero welding and minimal cutting.
  • HQ Series single adjustable Coilovers are included.
  • Front StrongArms® and dropped spindles work in conjunction with a bolt-on upper coilover mounting bracket.
  • Heavy Duty 1.5” MuscleBar Swaybar.
  • Adjustable ride height with great stance.
  • Optional rear MuscleBar and front chassis brace.
  • Dramatic improvement in handling.
  • Exceptional ride quality.

In Stock Now! Click HERE for 73-87 C10 Coilover Suspension System

SHOCKWAVE®: Air suspension is taking a giant leap forward with the high strength, light weight composite Shockwave®. As always, Shockwaves® feature precision monotube shock absorbers with impact forged housings and rebound (HQ Series) or triple (TQ Series) adjustment.

ShockWave® with Composite Caps

Originally patented in 1999, RideTech has now improved the ShockWave design by creating a NEW EXCLUSIVE “snap-on” airspring sealing design with injection molded COMPOSITE ShockWave® components!

  • Composite material with CAD-engineered reinforcing ribs is STRONGER AND LIGHTER than billet aluminum.
  • Composite components are fully corrosion proof.
  • Precision Monotube shock absorber cartridges deliver exceptional handling and ride quality.
  • Available in single adjustable and triple adjustable series.
  • EXCLUSIVE patented sealing technology with new, exclusive Snap-lock design allows easy field replacement.

Come See the New Products – SEMA Booth 22587 in Hot Rod Alley

Visit the SEMA Show website HERE

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