Split Window Special: A RideTech Ride With Curves

It wasn’t very long ago that classic Corvettes were largely overlooked as pro-touring cars.  Lately, however, some cutting edge parts are hitting the market that can help you turn your classic Corvette into into a supercar killer. Once you’ve seen an upgraded C2 or C3 Corvette take a turn at 1.7g, the temptation to build one of these cars is irresistible.

Such is the case with Ron Scott and his voluptuous split window coupe. Ron has always liked the look of old road race Corvettes from the ’60s.  Back in the day, Corvettes and Cobras battled on racetracks alongside European sports cars. Depending on what class you ran, the rules stated that you could run extra wide tires as long as they were covered with bodywork. Out of necessity, racers started flaring fenders and quarter panels to accommodate big rubber. Ron’s ‘Vette perfectly captures the road race look. 

Under the skin, Ron modified his car’s chassis with a RideTech’s Level 2 suspension package. The 100% bolt-on kit includes front and rear StrongArms™, HQ-Series single adjustable coilovers, a front MuscleBar™ and TruTurn steering components with spindles and steering arms. Rear toe links round out the kit. With handling that can back up the car’s looks, Ron entered his car in the autocross at Goodguys Spring Charlotte 2017 and had a blast throughout the race weekend. 

Great hot rods are never finished, though. While in Charlotte, Ron got a taste of RideTech’s Track 1 program and quickly decided to take his car to the next level by upgrading his chassis. Track 1 is a never-ending development program that is available to enthusiasts as custom tailored parts. While companies typically cloak their R&D programs, RideTech  takes a different approach by offering unprecedented access to their most cutting edge parts.

Ron’s C2 ‘Vette runs many of those cutting edge parts including RideTech’s new billet modular spindles, a Ford 9″ IRS conversion and Instinct Electronic Shocks. These parts are so new that you are not likely to see them elsewhere — for now.  Chris Smith of Smitty’s Custom Automotive in Tiffin, Ohio performed the upgrades to Ron’s car. As driver of the race winning 48 Hour Corvette, Chris is an integral part of RideTech’s Track 1 development program. Chris works directly with Bret Voelkel and the RideTech engineering department to conceive, design, prototype and test Track 1. Many of the same parts can be found underneath RideTech’s race-winning 48 Hour Corvette. Needless to say, Smitty knows his way around these custom tailored parts.  

Smitty helped Ron select the right combination of Track 1 parts, installed everything and then worked with Ron at the track to help dial in the car. Ron says his car’s capabilities exceed his driving prowess. We see it differently. Ron has a car that is easy to drive fast. It sounds like Ron’s ‘Vette exceeds his expectations. That’s a trend that we fully intend to nurture.

A Ford 9″ IRS with custom cradle can be seen just ahead of the exhaust pipes. Also visible are Instinct Electronic Shocks, adjustable links and a rear swaybar.
During the Track 1 install, Ron also upgraded to a set of Forgeline wheels all around. The new combination complements the custom flares.
This welded bracket is part of the Ford 9″ IRS conversion. It’s good to know that cutting edge parts are available for factory frames.
Up front, upper coilover mounts have been added to accommodate taller Instinct Electronic Shock absorbers. The brackets index off of the upper A-arm mounting points.
Here’s the front Instinct Electronic Shock mounted in place along with a lower StrongArm™ (uncompressed, obviously).
Ron is one of the first end users to run RideTech’s new extreme duty billet Modular spindles. They allow for customization of many parameters including KPI, steering arm position and much more.
With lateral loads reaching 1.7g, extreme duty spindles (uprights) became a reality. The upper ball joint mount is modular. It attaches using the same type of hardware used in ultra high horsepower connecting rods.
Ron’s split window looks great from every angle. The road race flares and fat tires perfectly complement the lowered stance.

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