Ultimate Street Cars Descend On SEMA and OUSCI

RideTech is burning the midnight oil as we gear up for our biggest SEMA ever.  Our plate is full of an unprecedented number of significant new products in display, plus a full schedule of power meetings with the movers and shakers of automotive aftermarket dealers and distributors. Many extraordinary RideTech-equipped customs will grace the show floor. If you are attending, be on the lookout for one-off masterpieces by Rad Rides, Johnson’s Hot Rod Shop, Ironworks, Classic Car Studio, RMD Garage, Lakeside Rods & Rides, Ringbrothers and tons more. If you will not be attending SEMA, be sure to check the  RideTech Facebook page as we will be posting and live-streaming often.

When the whistle blows at the end of SEMA week (Friday afternoon), the displaying manufacturers let out a resounding cheer, but some of us want more in the form of more cars, more speed parts and more action — more everything. While most people are packing up for the long drive home, or lining the street for the cruise, a small group of diehard enthusiasts is gearing up for two more days of excitement at the Optima Ultimate Street Car Invitational (OUSCI) sanctioned by the Ultimate Street Car Association (USCA).

If you prefer hot rods over pure race cars, this is the series for you. Real, honest-to-goodness street cars on real street tires live underneath the numerous sponsor decals and mandatory safety equipment.  NASCAR, with its silhouette cars, has nothing on the USCA. Better yet, professional drivers are not allowed at OUSCI.  The majority of the drivers are skilled, but all participate as an outlet to go fast in their hot rods without going to jail or putting themselves and the public at risk. Most come to play, while a few come to win.

If the USCA and the Optima Ultimate Street Car Invitational sounds like it spins your wheels, come to Vegas and buy a ticket for the show. As this is the 10th Anniversary of the OUSCI,  you will be on hand to help celebrate. (maybe there’s a cake. We don’t know.) Though SEMA is a trade-only show, OUSCI is open to everyone. OUSCI takes place November 3-4 at Las Vegas Motor Speedway Tickets are available  HERE.

RideTech is proud to have a wide array of participants competing in the 2017 10th Annual OUSCI. We wish everyone involved a safe event and a great result. RideTech will post pictures of the cars on display at SEMA and from the event itself. Be sure to cheer for your favorite RideTech Ride.

Cliff Elliot and his angry Mustang called Code Blu are ready to pounce in Vegas.
Greg Thurmond, GTS Customs, is one of the fastest pro-touring drivers in the country. His wide-body C2 Corvette is as good-looking as it is fast.
C5 Corvettes are one of the best performance values in our great hobby. Chris Jacobs routinely proves that these can beat the field. Will a Vette win in Vegas?
If you race on the west coast, watch out for Efrain Diaz and his school bus yellow 69 Camaro SS. If you see this car in your rear view mirror, Efrain is likely to school YOU.
So many of us here at RideTech are rootin’ for Daphne Reynold’s ’66 Chevy wagon, Ethyl. Chad Reynolds, Bangshift.com will be driving with Daphne riding shotgun in spirit.
Chad Ryker is another west coast hot shot. His TCI-equipped 68 Camaro has won numerous events in 2017. His website, AutoXandTrack.com has many great articles about performance driving events and cool cars.
Bret Voelkel will be running the 48 Hour Camaro on behalf of Lingenfelter Performance Engineering. With Instinct Electronic Shocks and Track 1 Suspension, the 48 Hour Camaro is fun to watch.
There is nothing wrong with Mark Golovin hugging his new tires. They have been installed on “Black Betty”, the 4th-gen Camaro shown at the top of this article.
Originally built as a show car, this 1964 Corvette, named Scarlett, now competes regularly in high performance driving events. It’s campaigned by ace Jane Thurmond.
Lynda Jacobs drives her convertible Chevelle to work whenever the sun is shining, then hits up local, regional and national driving events on most weekends. She nicknamed her car Wimpy.
Randy Johnson of D and Z Customs built this C5 Corvette. Its one of the fastest, coolest looking late model customs in the OUSCI field.
Chris Smith will be driving the 48 Hour Corvette. The car, with its active suspension, is already set to sell at Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale in January.
Steve Rivetts Shockwave®-equipped Camaro always looks sharp and runs hard. we look forward to seeing it compete at OUSCI.

For results from the 2016 OUSCI, click HERE.

For tickets to the 2017 10th Anniversary OUSCI, click HERE

For the SEMA Show, click HERE

All of the vehicles showcased here run RideTech Suspension Products. Everyone at RideTech is grateful to be represented by such exceptional customers. Good luck to everyone at OUSCI.

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