Now You See It – Now You Don’t: RidePRO-X is about simplicity and cleanliness

Any way you want it…  RideTech’s new RidePRO-X system is designed to be completely invisible — unless you want it to be visible. You decide if you want an onboard display/controller, ride height selector-only, or a completely invisible solution. We accomplished this a few different ways:

  • – By developing an all-new, ultra reliable ECM with military-grade electronics that that works seamlessly in the background.
  • – By inventing a separate power port module for access to the number one most used air suspension feature: 3 position ride height adjustment.
  • – By letting you access setup and diagnostic features through a variety of tools, including an app for your phone, a laptop or, for those who just can’t live without one– an onboard display/tuner.

Before digital air suspension control, enthusiasts relied on momentary switches and analog gauges to set air spring pressure. Digital air suspension management automated much of the adjusting process and of course, introduced the three position ride height selection. As people use ride height selection more than any other air suspension function, it makes great sense to make that one feature easily accessible. It’s kind of like your car stereo. You use the volume knob way more frequently than the equalizer or fader.

Enter the new RidePRO-X 3-Position Power Port Module (PPM). It’s small, sleek and simple.  All RidePRO-X features and functions, including pressure display, are available through the standalone app or standalone display/tuner. The PPM communicates with your RidePRO-X through reliable RF.  The PPM is stealthy, too. Since RidePRO-X offers automatic “Ride Height On Start,” your car or truck will raise to position 2 every time you turn the ignition key. The PPM, therefore, can be stored in your console or glove box — waiting for the next car show or steep speed bump. 

In designing RidePRO-X, we interviewed a number of custom car builders and enthusiasts. Everyone works so hard to conceal electronics and accessories for a clean appearance, RidePRO-X, with its new Power Port Module is the cleanest, most user-friendly design on the market. The all new design works  seamlessly in the background by way of proprietary algorithms.

For those times when you want to view corner pressures or make adjustments, data and functions are readily available through a trick new smartphone app as well as laptop connectivity and software. The days of having a dedicated display/tuner sitting on your seat are over. However, if you just cannot live without constant display readouts and access to functions, a standalone display tuner is still available. Both the smartphone app and the dedicated display/tuner communicate by way of Bluetooth.

That’s it.  RidePRO-X is a military grade digital air suspension controller that works seamlessly in the background so that you can just hop in your hot rod and turn the key. Whether you are alone or cruisin’ with nine of your friends, the sophisticated ECM will accurately calculate spring rates and ride heights. When you get to the show position one is available any way you want it — the Power Port Module, smartphone app or old-school dedicated tuner.

Here’s the unqiue 3 position Power Port Module. It plugs into any 12V power port, aka cigarette lighter. With standard ride height on start, you may choose to just keep the PPM stowed in your console or glove box until it is needed for a show or steep driveway/trailer. It lights up and has a USB cable port. We think of everything.
Heres a shot of the PPM from a different angle. If your car doesn’t have a 12V power port , you can get a kit for less than $10. Available everywhere, any competent shop can install it, including stereo and upholstery shops.
RidePRO-X is a complete pressure-based system with optional height sensors (RidePRO-HP upgrade). The 3 position Power Port Module is standard ad included with every kit.


Here’s the main display for the app. You can download it for free and access it on your smartphone or buy the standalone display tuner with app installed.
RidePRO-X is available as part of a complete system. A popular dual compressor five gallon system is shown here.
Here is an Airpod system with pre-wired RidePRO-X and valve block already installed. A 3 gallon single-compressor systems is shown.

To learn more about RidePRO-X or to order, click HERE

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