Striker ‘cuda by Jesse’s Muscle Car Garage

Jesse Matlock built his dream car, a 1971 ‘cuda from scratch.  Called Striker, the car’s chassis consists of fabricated frame rails, Art Morrisson  suspension components and RideTech ShockWave® air suspension. Jesse’s shop, Jesse’s Muscle Car Garage, offers fabrication, bodywork and full custom builds. The details of the ‘cuda  include extended rockers, side exit exhaust plus tucked and molded bumpers at both ends. The body, in fact, is 4 inches longer than stock.

Under the one of a kind custom hood, Jesse chose a 6.1 liter SRT HEMI, then added a supercharger. The engine is backed by a NAG1 electronic overdrive transmission.

Enjoy the video and check out Jesse’s Muscle Car Garage on Facebook.


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