Transformed: Switch Suspension Builds a 73 Square Fender

Don’t you just love “Before – After” comparisons?  It’s even better when the car or truck is rare like this black, first-year square fender owned by Seth at Switch Suspension in Phoenix, Ariz.  You rarely see black survivors like this ’73 Cheyenne super/10. Everyone who saw the truck at Dino’s Git Down was beyond jealous. With all of its original trim intact and just the right amount of surface rust, this truck is worth far more than its weight. What’s the very first thing that Seth and crew changed? You guessed it… They replaced the crusty 44 year old suspension with a brand new RideTech coilover suspension system.

Shops like Switch Suspension are the heart and soul of our great hobby. We’re proud to shine the spotlight on our great customer-shops. Switch is keeping the hot rod flame alive and well by servicing the smoking-hot lowered truck market.  They sell suspension parts and build some amazing customs —including cars and lifted trucks, as well.

One of the very first shops to get our new 73-87 coilover suspension system kit, Seth can attest to the fact that the new kit totally transformed the ride quality, handling and attitude of his square fender. The result is a perfect mix of classic patina with modern performance. The big-inch American Racing rally wheels complete the look.   Air suspension, coilover conversion or traditional leaf/coil upgrades, Switch has sold and installed everything on the market, so we are thrilled that they really like our new coilover system — especially since we are big fans of this particular truck. We’re looking forward to following the rest of this project. Future plans include an LS-based engine swap. If you missed our prior installation article, Seth took some detail shots of the suspension swap. If you want his perspective on the installation, wheel/tire fitment and driving experience, give him a call.

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Like a time machine, here’s the truck in stock form. Word has it that a good customer brought the truck in for upgrades and Seth had to have it. Lucky dog.
This is as real as it gets. Cheyenne Super was the top trim package for 1973 and 1974 square fender C10s.
Bed removal is part of the process. You can see the bolt-on c-Notch and 4-link installed. Square fender C10s have “drop center” frames. It is easy to achieve a lowered ride height without sacrificing suspension geometry.
The front mounting point utilizes the stock front leaf spring perch. All components arrive powder coated directly from RideTech. The original axle and brakes have been retained — for now.
Here are the coilovers and drop spindles waiting to be installed. The coilovers feature 24 points of rebound adjustment, plus ride height adjustment, of course.
Here’s a shot of a rear HQ Series coilover installed along with the custom panhard bar that keeps the rear axle centered. At this year’s Git Down, many people were commenting that they are building a static drop truck to park next to their existing air ride truck. More is better.
The RideTech coilover conversion suspension system has some nice touches like the “icons” that are cut into the brackets. Rear axle brackets mount using the stock leaf spring perches.
Wheels are American Racing VN506 20″x8.5″ and 20″x9.5″ wrapped in Nitto NT555 G2 255/35 and 295/35 tires, respectively. Check out the bed.
Out on the streets of Phoenix, Seth’s Cheyenne Super is ready to rock. Ride quality is world-class, The coilovers offer 24 position rebound adjustment to help you fine your driving experience. They carry a 1,000,001-mile warranty, too.

Click HERE to visit Switch Suspension. @SwitchSuspension on Instagram.

Click HERE to learn more about RideTech’s Coilover Suspension System for 73-87 C10.



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