Is There Such Thing As A Pro-Touring Rear End? Currie Enterprises Has The Answer

Despite the RideTech 48 Hour Camaro’s fast-paced build schedule, we somehow found time to learn about the trick parts installed throughout the car. We have already talked about many of the car’s innovative components and systems including the engine, transmission, wiring and gauges. It’s time to put the power to the ground by looking at the rear axle assembly from Currie Enterprises. Called the Turn 9 Pro-Touring rear end,  this lightweight fabricated design reduces unsprung weight and is available with some impressive options including full-floater housing ends, pre-welded RideTech 4-Link brackets and a dyno break-in service.

Currie has figured out that, for pro-touring applications, it is possible to strike a balance between strength and weight. Currie’s Turn 9 housing is designed specifically for cars like the 48 Hour Camaro where heavy street and autocross usage is the norm. It’s also perfect for road racing applications. 

The Turn 9 housing starts with a fabricated 4130 chrome moly center that has been trimmed and lightened in every way to reduce weight 60% over a standard Currie F9 housing.  Tubes are .188” wall chrome moly and will accept any of the common bearing ends currently on the market. For strength, internal bulkheads, unique to Currie housings, tie the center section face, body and the tubes together. Exclusive to the Turn 9 housing, these bulkheads are “windowed” for even more weight savings. The resulting bare weight for the fabricated center portion of the housing is just 17.5 pounds.

For this project, we are running MillerBuilt’s 100% bolt-on full-floater solution that is based on readily available C6 Corvette hubs. This is one of many floater housing end options from Currie Enterprises.  The axles engage MillerBuilt floaters that are based on C6 Corvette unit-bearing style hubs.  The floater kit handles the heavy side loads induced with autocross and road race use. By fully supporting the axle bearings, full floaters eliminate brake pad knock back while extending axle bearing service life. As we are pushing our pro-touring cars harder than ever, this feature is becoming increasingly important.

The 3rd member for the 48 Hour Camaro build consists of a big bearing nodular iron gear case, a billet aluminum Currie big bearing pinion support and a 1350 input yoke. We chose a 3.25 Motive Gear ring & pinion and a WaveTrac 35 spline helical-gear positraction unit. An industry exclusive, the WaveTrac features 12 “worm” gears internally for exceptional strength. To finish of the rear end, Currie Enterprises welded RideTech second-gen Camaro 4 Link brackets for easy bolt-in installation.

There is one more feature from Currie Enterprises that we really appreciate. They offer a dyno break-in service that checks for proper function and ensures that your new rear end assembly doesn’t make any noise. If you have ever taken a freshly finished car out on a long haul road trip only to find that the rear end howls like a banshee, you will really appreciate Currie’s dyno service.  Every Currie “Crate” rear sold through RideTech includes the dyno break-in service.   That’s how much we like this feature.

As the 48 Hour Camaro is essentially done, we are looking ahead to our first road trip and race outing. With grippy B.F. Goodrich Rival S tires and RideTech suspension, we fully intend to put the power to the ground with Currie’s perfect pro-touring rear end — the dyno-tested, full-floater Turn 9. 

Josh Powers of Custom Image Corvettes is one of the hardest working car builders you will ever meet. Before installing the rear end assembly in the car, Josh test fit the coilover and brake caliper brackets for good measure. Note the Turn 9 rear’s large, screw-on fill cap and splined axle peeking out of the housing end.
Currie offers fixture-welded 4-Link brackets. Housings with brackets are available through RideTech as well as direct from Currie. The pre-welded assemblies cut down on installation time. That was especially useful during the 48 Hour Camaro build, since we were building a car in a parking lot.
Here’s a raw Turn 9 Housing fabricated center. Currie starts with 5/16″ thick 4130 Chrome Moly steel. It’s strong and light. Not shown is the internal “windowed” bulkhead structure that ties the entire rear end structure together. We love the large, easy-to-use fill cap and engraved Turn 9 logo.
With pre-welded brackets, Currie’s Turn 9-based rear end assembly was easy to install in our 4-Link-equipped 48 Hour Camaro. All RideTech Bolt-On 4-Links, including our all new 2nd-gen Camaro kit feature R-Joint Delrin AF rod ends for high articulation with no noise and high wear resistance.
Here the complete rear end assembly including the Turn 9 Housing, MillerBuilt floater kit, Currie 9+ heavy duty gear oil, Baer backing plates with e-brakes plus our rear TQ Series triple adjustable coilovers with remote reservoirs.
Heres a closeup of the Turn 9 fabricated housing center. Note the beautiful welds and engraved Turn 9 logo. It’s made of 5/16″ thick 4130 Chrome Moly steel.
MillerBuilt Full Floater assemblies use C6 Corvette hubs and bolt to the Currie Turn 9 housing ends. Since Currie offers a variety of housing end options, specify that you will be using the MillerBuilt kit when ordering your rear end assembly. 
Bill Fowler from Baer Brakes and Jon Henson from Currie Enterprises are comparing notes. The Turn 9 housing and axles integrate with the MillerBuilt C6 Vette-based floater hubs and Baer SS4 4 piston rear brakes. It’s good to know that manufacturers work together to make sure your parts fit properly.

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