Wiring The 48 Hour Camaro Just Became Painless

The new 48 Hour Camaro build is about to begin and parts are arriving in droves. Like Christmas in January, the crew is having all kinds of fun opening boxes from Summit Racing and select manufacturers. We are also reminded that this is RideTech’s fourth “48 Hour” project. Along the way, we have learned valuable lessons about building cars under pressure. For example, it is entirely possible to survive on Mountain Dew and pork rinds for a couple of days. Also, you can only have so many people working on a C3 Corvette at any given time. That’s especially true with a bunch of “wide-body” gearheads. For this project, we are building another Camaro, so that everyone has room to spread out.  Last but not least, old wiring can ruin your deadline. With that said, we are tearing out our Camaro’s dried-out, cobbled-together factory harness and installing a complete wiring system from Painless Performance — nose to tail. 

The list of electrical and electronic components on this project includes a Kicker KMC20 Media Center with a 3.5″ display, Vintage Air AC, a C&R Radiator with built-in electric fans, a FiTech electric fuel pump and a Detroit Speed wiper motor. This the first 48 Hour project to feature an electronic automatic transmission which has it’s own harness and electrical needs.  Both engine and transmission control are being handled by Holley’s Terminator LS MPFI powertrain control module. An Optima Yellow Top battery will provide the electrons.

Painless Performance released a new range of wiring kits called the PRO Series. It is the perfect solution for the 48 Hour Camaro.  Like many enthusiasts, we want to decide where components and accessories are mounted. The PRO Series system gives us complete control right down to the fact that we are passing the engine harness by way of a grommet rather than the OE fuse panel bulkhead opening. Painless offers their PRO Series kits with either option.

Beyond the exceptional fuse panel and main harness kit, Painless offers a wide range of complementary wiring kits to accommodate every possible wiring scenario such as remote battery mounting, fan relay kits and our favorite detail:  Powerbraid wire sheathing. Painless also offers a slick fuse panel expansion kit called the CirKit Boss. It helps you add 7 circuits to any pre-existing wiring system.  It offers both constant and switched power.

We love wiring cars. There is something calming about the process. We like to take our time and work with a plan. In contrast, wiring a car in the midst of a 48 Hour thrash is intimidating. Painless Performance’s PRO Series kit will save us a lot of time and grief. We can’t wait to get started.

You are looking at the back side of Painless’ grommet style fuse panel. In contrast to the standard bulkhead design, this grommet system has standoffs to mount the fuse block  away from the firewall. You get complete flexibility with respect to fuse panel location as well as wire routing.
Here’s the front side of our fuse panel. We opted for the PN 10401 23 circuit kit. They offer a 25 circuit kit, as well. Of course, every wire is marked. We closed up the original fuse panel opening in the firewall.
The core wiring kit also includes alternator wiring, grounds, light sockets (not shown) and a comprehensive array of terminals and connectors. The instruction booklet is complete and easy to follow.
Painless makes this 30815 headlight adapter harness that features relays so that you can run modern headlights at full power.
Painless Performance offers every imaginable electrical component including weatherpak connectors, junction blocks and grommets of all sizes. 
The best way to finish off a high quality wiring job is with Painless Performance Powerbraid. The kit includes self vulcanizing tape, shrink tubing and cable ties. 
How cool are these 8 point distribution blocks? One large power or ground source comes in at the center and is distributed through the smaller screw posts. Done.
After every wire has been routed, terminated, and secured, it’s time to run the all-important battery cables. Painless offers a heavy duty remote mount kit that is pre-terminated at the big end. Large gauge terminal kits are also available separately.

For information on Painless Performance PRO Series harness kits, click HERE

For information on Optima Yellow Top Batteries, click HERE

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