This 1972 Corvette Is A Showstopper

Jeff Monchilov is lucky enough to have bought back his high school ride, this 1972 Chevrolet Corvette.  Of course, the car he drove back in 1985, did not look anything like the work of art shown here.  Things have changed a lot since the eighties. The aftermarket — RideTech included — has developed serious hardware  to turn C2/C3 Corvettes into world-class performers with awesome power, handling, ride quality, and braking. To complement that performance potential, companies like Custom Image Corvette and Jeff’s own venture,, have developed some really cool styling elements. All told, the C3 Corvette platform has never been more tempting.

The photos below showcase some subtle yet significant changes made to the bodywork of Jeff’s ’72.  These mods blend C6 Corvette styling cues with Jeff’s own tricks such as a 73-75 “long hood” mixed with an LT-1 power bulge. The rear deck lid has C6-inspired dual cowlings behind the seats. The dashboard is our favorite modification. The kit is a production Speedvette item that consists of a fiberglass dash, glove box door, center console side panels and arm rest. The dash in Jeff’s car is trimmed in leather to match the rest of the interior for an even more modern and luxurious look.

Like the Speedvette dash, the subtly flared rear quarter panels are production parts that you can buy. Custom Image Corvettes offers numerous body mods for C3 vettes.  This particular quarter panel design accommodates wider rear tires and may look stock to the casual observer. The curvaceous body is painted PPG Super Blue — a color that was custom mixed by a Texas shop called Painthouse Rags.  The lipstick red interior was crafted by Steve Holcomb at Pro Auto Interiors.

Jeff’s ‘vette is just as impressive underneath the skin. RideTech builds a complete, 100% bolt-on custom suspension system that delivers ultra-high performance handling and world-class ride quality. The RideTech Corvette system retains the factory frame and features front upper and lower control arms, tall spindles, billet steering arms, inner & outer tie rods, front MuscleBar™, rear trailing arms and 4 HQ Series adjustable monotube coilovers.

Jeff finished off the competent chassis with Baer 6 piston 14″ brakes, Schott wheels and Diamondback redline radial tires.  The wheels measure 19″ x 9″ up front and 19″ x 11″ at the rear.

Jeff chose  an all-Chevrolet  Performance drivetrain including an LS525 LS3 and 4L70E 4 speed overdrive transmission. Don’t forget that the most powerful engine you could buy in a 1972 Corvette was a 270HP big block, so this modern combination is a big improvement. The LS engine makes a great sound exiting through side pipes.

All in all, we’re impressed by the fact that Jeff bought back his high school ride. We’re even more impressed that he transformed the car into something completely different and better in every way. We think this particular car will inspire others to consider the awesome C3 Corvette platform for a future project.  That’s what custom cars are all about.

Jeffs ‘vette is a beauty from any angle. The rear quarter panels from Custom Image Corvette, feature subtle 2″ flares to accommodate wide rear tires. The casual onlooker may not notice the difference.
Jeff has built numerous custom C3 Corvette parts including a complete C6 inspired body for his 1980 Corvette.  He also built a custom smooth firewall, custom hood and custom rear dual cowling deck lid.  The C6 inspired dash is a production kit available HERE
The LT-1-style hood blends into a 73-75 style “long” hood section at the base of the windshield (rear of hood). Purists might object, but we think it looks great.
Yes. You can achieve ultra-high performance handling with a stock frame. We proved that with the championship winning 48 Hour Corvette. Strong Arms, TruTurn steering RideTech spindles work in concert with HQ Series single-adjustable coilovers..
Baer 6P 6 piston calipers are used at all four corners together with drilled and slotted EradiSpeed two-piece rotors.. Baer offers custom in-house powder coating.
Fabricated rear StrongArm control arms are offset for additional tire clearance. The “truss” design looks great and saves weight without compromising strength. Coilover mounts are located inside of the control arms and work in concert with a tubular upper shock crossmember.
RideTech StrongArms are legendary for their strength, tire clearance, fit and finish. RideTech supplies self-lubricating bushings. RideTech forged, tall spindles and billet TruTurn steering arms improve geometry. If you look closely, you can make out MuscleBar sway bar and posi-links at bottom middle of the picture. 
Here’s another shot that shows how the RideTech HQ Series single adjustable monotube coilovers mount in the chassis. RideTech supplies a tubular crossmember that bolts in place of the stock unit.
Jeff chose a Chevrolet Performance LS525 crate engine backed by a 4L70E electronic overdrive transmission. Baer’s billet Remaster can be seen mounted to Jeff’s custom smooth firewall. 
Fully show polished Schott Venom wheels measure 19″x 9″ up front and 19″ x 11″ rear wheels. Tires are Diamondback redline radials.
This rear 3/4 shot really highlights the custom rear flares and dual cowling deck lid. The Chevelle in the background is about to get a full makeover including RideTech suspension. Jeff has built a bunch of cool cars.

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  1. I have a ’71 Vette. I would like to know what an estimate world be for the complete conversion and custom work cost, minus the cost of the original car?

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