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Our latest project car, called the RideTech Track 1 Camaro, is underway at Smitty’s Custom Automotive in Tiffin, OH.  The new car, a 1970 RS “Split Bumper” Camaro, will replace the 48 Hour Corvette which is scheduled to sell to the highest bidder at Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale.  At first glance, our new project car may look a little rough, but it’s actually in decent shape with rust-free floors and cowl.  There is no crash damage or other major issues. The car does have some pinholes in the trunk floor as well as numerous dings and dents in the bodywork. Overall, however, this California car is an excellent starting point.

Like the “48 Hour” first-gen Camaro, the new second-gen car will maintain a stock subframe, cowl and floorboards. RideTech’s Track 1 parts accomplish exceptional performance from the original f-body subframe and platform.  Refinements developed on the current RideTech Motorsports cars are being applied to the new car. For RideTech – as with all good high performance companies – there is a never-ending loop of Research and Development borne of racing and ingenuity.

In addition to building the new Track 1 second-gen Camaro, Chris “Smitty” Smith will drive the new car in competition throughout the 2018/2019 seasons. Details and specifications will be revealed in future installments of this build series. For now, we can tell you two things: The RideTech Track 1 Camaro will be powered by a custom-built Scoggin-Dickey LS7, and Carbon Fiber body parts from Carbon Kustoms will save weight and improve weight distribution.

Many great muscle car projects start out with mismatched wheels and parts loosely stashed in the trunk and cockpit.


Though the floors and wheelhouses are really clean, Smitty’s will modify them to make room for subframe connectors and mini-tubs.


A true ground-up restoration, the uni-body tub was mounted to a rotisserie to facilitate cleaning and modification. There are lots of little dents and dings in the rust-free body.


The stock floors look crusty but are rust free with just some pinholes in the trunk pan.


The entire unibody was cleaned and prepped ahead of the installation of Detroit Speed Mini-Tubs and subframe connectors.


The stock subframe has been stripped and cleaned. Seams are welded to increase structural rigidity.


Perfect floors are nice, but really fat tires are better. In the next installment, we will weld-in the mini-tubs and subframe connectors as well as perform basic mock-up of the subframe and Track 1 suspension.

Racing is a critical component in RideTech’s product development strategy.  While you may never race your RideTech-equipped car or purchase our racing-oriented Track 1 components, RideTech’s racing efforts are likely to benefit your project. RideTech absolutely, positively torture tests parts on a weekly basis. It’s fun. We tweak geometry and shock calibrations based on lessons learned.  Most of all we get to see how our products stack up against parts on offer by our top competitors. With three wins out of five competitions entered to date in 2017, we’re darn sure that RideTech suspension products are among the best in the business.

Racing matters, but what about the cars, themselves? Are they more street car or race car? RideTech team cars maintain stock frames, stock floors and stock firewalls. While we have the resources to build anything from a mild restomod to a rocket ship, we’re making a statement by working with the stock platform. RideTech is here to help you make the most of your car regardless of its degree of modification. We are here to tell you that your stock frame — including the recirculating ball steering box — when upgraded with Track 1 components is highly competitive.

As the new Track 1 Camaro is a true street car, it will have Vintage Air AC, a stereo, heat and sound insulation, carpeting, wipers, mirrors, full exhaust and DOT legal lighting. Everything else is hardcore high performance speed equipment. Our partners are providing the best products in their catalogs such as Holley Terminator EFI, Currie Enterprises full floater rear , Forgeline wheels and a custom-built LS7 engine from SDPC Raceshop.  A growing list of partners is presented below.

The Track 1 Camaro has one more weapon in its arsenal: RideTech Instinct Electronic Shock Absorbers. To quote driver and RideTech Motorsports Team Manager, Chris Smith: “Instinct Shocks are like racing on velcro and riding on velvet” With an AB mode switch the shocks can be toggled between a soft street calibration and an aggressive race mode. Together with our Track 1 Suspension, RideTech has a winning combination for 2018. Stay tuned for the next chapter in the Track 1 Camaro build series.

The stock cowl is maintained with the exception of modifications for modern Vintage Air AC. The cowl is in great shape.


Your build is probably using a stock frame. The same is true for the Track 1 second-gen project. The welded and smoothed subframe is primed prior to mock up.


The subframe is squared and mocked up with bare block and heads as well as core suspension components prior to being mated with the unibody. A Turn One Steering Box will be utilized.  Of course, everything will be blown apart for painting at a later date.


Work proceeded on the unibody as well with DSE mini-tubs installed to make room for fat wheels and tires.


It’s always a shame to cut pristine floors, but it’s fun, too. DSE Subframe Connectors are welded to the floors and bolted to the front subframe.


A RideTech TigerCage is fitted along with driver Chris Smith’s preferred seating, a fabricated aluminum piece by Kirkey. The VFN fiberglass dash will house a RacePak IQ3s Street Data Center.


The TigerCage fits tightly to the roof line and provides proper anchoring points for the shoulder harnesses.


Key parts are starting to arrive including Holley’s excellent Terminator EFI system.

Track 1 1970 Camaro Products and Partners

Smitty’s Custom Automotive, LTD.

Scoggin Dickey Parts Center Raceshop

Chevrolet Performance


Currie Enterprises

Summit Racing Equipment

Holley Performance Products

MSD Performance



C&R Racing



Vintage Air

Quick Time Bellhousings

Dynotech Engineering

Rick Tanks

Carbon Kustoms (Facebook Page)

Spectre Performance

Turn One

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