1962 Impala

This is an employee favorite car here at RideTech. Debuting at the 2008 GoodGuy’s Joliet show, it has made its way to multiple auto-crosses these past two years. The golden impala has been pictured in 2 Goodguy’s Gazettes in 2010 and it should be in even more this year now that we are revamping the engine and suspension. Slowly this car is becoming one of the fastest cars we own, and it was built entirely by ridetech employees as a side project.

Car Overview

Engine: Small Block Chevy (383), PRC Radiator, MSD distributor / 6-al-2 ignition box
Drivetrain: Rankin 4 Speed Manual Transmission Moser 9″
Suspension: Complete RideTech Street Challenge package, BAER brakes
Tires & Wheels: 18″ American Racing Salt Flats, Falken tires
Interior: Kirkey Racing Seats, in-house designed stainless rollcage
Body & Paint: Employee painted/built hotrod