1986 Chevy Truck

1986 C10 Chevy Truck
This 1986 Chevy Truck is a nice starter show truck. with just a few modifications this truck went from OK to bad ass! a quick suspension upgrade made this truck a head turner. A perfect example how you can turn that average farm truck in the driveway to a Hotrod. A 8″ drop sure did make this bad boy look good!

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Front – ARF11800 – Front Coolride kit and a 2″ drop spindle (MCG003) gives this truck the stance it deserves! Don’t forget the MuscleBar Swaybar, (SWA7800) This swaybar comes with our new PosiLink endlinks to ensure maximum performance for your classic Hauler.

Rear – ABAR11013 The Pre engineered bolt in AirBar 4Link directly replaces your leafsprings. Includes bolt in c-notches to get the lowest stance possible without cutting up your bed floor! and did i mention no welding!

Compressor system – We recommend to use a ARC4000 package with this truck , This kit can include a 5 gallon tank, and two thomas 327 compressors. All these components can be mounted under the bed to keep a open bed floor for normal use.

Engine – Jasper engine 350
Trans – 700r4
Wheels – (stock) we borrowed some to take pictures!