Sharon Voelkel

Owner(Since Day 1)

Interesting Story: One weekend Bret calls me and asks, “Hey do ya’ have any extra money? I just found a very nice ’68 Pontiac Bonneville, I think you’d really like it.” I said, “Yes I have the money” and he bought the car with my money. Well about 2 weeks later the title comes in the mail, IN HIS NAME – NOT MINE, and it remains that way 16 years later. Once in awhile I have to gently remind him this.
Bret and I started dating after running into each other at the Street Rod Nationals in Louisville during the “Flood of 1992″. Claims his desire to go out with me had something to do with a wet t-shirt… but the real story is because I had more hot rods, a bigger tool box and a taller stack of car magazines 🙂

Vehicle: 71 GTO & 68 Bonneville