Load Leveling Done Right with LevelTow

oad-Leveling helper spring system

Other than tires and brakes, a load-leveling setup may be the most important system on your pickup. Your truck needs to serve many purposes from hauling the kids around town to towing a heavy trailer.

Truck manufacturers do their best to design multi-purpose chassis systems, but at the end of the day, your stock truck is a compromise between work and play.

A load-leveling system such as Ridetech’s LevelTow adds safety and comfort to your towing and hauling experience. It’s there when you need it and invisible when your truck is empty and unhitched. 

Load Leveling systems have been around for decades, but Ridetech, being a high-performance suspension manufacturer, offers a somewhat different approach. For starters, we offer heavy-duty shock absorbers that are calibrated to work in conjunction with your truck’s factory springs as well as when combined with LevelTow air springs. The shocks feature impact-forged aluminum housings, heavy-duty shafts and precision monotube valving for exceptional ride quality and better handling.

Upgraded shocks are a big deal. While helper springs are primarily responsible for leveling your truck’s chassis under load, it’s important to consider the dynamic changes that occur during towing and hauling. Properly valved shocks are critical for controlling the spring package’s oscillations with respect to fore/aft as well as load changes from side to side. Beyond safety, Ridetech shocks improve ride quality under all driving scenarios. Mass-produced OE shocks are built to a price point and simply cannot compare with Ridetech’s precision valving, heavy-duty construction, and 1,000,001 mile warranty.

Silverado HD Shock absorbers
Here’s a set of rear shocks for a 2011-2019 Silverado and Sierra 2500HD & 3500HD (2WD & 4WD). They feature increased rebound dampening to dramatically reduce front suspension jounce when carrying heavy loads. They also improve overall ride quality. Works with stock height to 2″ lifted vehicles. Matching front shocks are available, as well.

While custom-tuned shocks are the star of the show, Ridetech’s LevelTow load leveling system is built on a firm foundation including Firestone Helper Springs and heavy-duty brackets are made in the USA. Brackets are powder-coated for a long-lasting finish and designed for 100% bolt-on installation and OE compatibility. 

Ridetech provides Firestone air springs exclusively in all of its LevelTow systems.  Being safety-critical components. it’s important to choose a load-leveling system with brand name DOT-approved air springs. Likewise, Ridetech supplies DOT-approved “bubble tight”. These are the same quality parts used on over the road tractor-trailers. LevelTow is engineered for years of safe, trouble-free operation.

A pair of Firestone helper springs along with DOT-approved air lines. It’s part of a manual inflation LevelTow System shown here with optional shock absorbers. The heavy-duty, powder-coated brackets are designed for 100% bolt-on installation.

Importance of Load Leveling and Helper Springs

  • Maintains proper load balance between front and rear tires of tow vehicles for proper steering and braking.
  • Ensures that headlights are aimed correctly rather than pointing upwards into oncoming traffic.
  • Reduces excessive rear tire wear of tow vehicle.
  • Easier to level your trailer, which in turn improves trailer tire wear and load balancing.

Another huge benefit of Ridetech’s LevelTow system is modularity. You can choose a budget-friendly manual inflation system, an electrically activated system with an electrically operated, built-in pressure monitoring, or a fully automated system that uses built-in height sensors to automatically level your truck in response to load changes. If you tow and haul frequently, the automated system is the hot setup. It works seamlessly in the background and adjusts each time you hitch, unhitch or haul. Entry-level and mid-priced systems are upgradable at any time.

Load Leveling Air Compressor
Here is the LevelTow automatic air compression system. It inflates the helper springs based on input from a height sensor. The system is shipped complete with a compressor, brackets, wiring harnesses, a line kit, and complete DIY instructions.
Here’s the automatic load leveling as installed on Ridetech’s very own display truck. The system has performed flawlessly for more than 175,000 miles. Shown here are a helper spring, height sensor, and bolt-on bracketry.
BDS Suspension built this one-of-a-kind F350 for Overland trail riding and camping. It features Ridetech’s fully automatic LevelTowLoad Leveling system for hauling as well as towing.

For more details about LevelTow Load-Leveling systems as well as helper springs and other components, click HERE

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