One Owner Boosted G-Body / Buick T-Type Turbo with Ridetech Lowering Spring Street Grip Suspension!

Photo courtesy of Dave Erdmann

It’s no secret that here at Ridetech, we have some of the greatest customers on earth. Earlier this week, we received an email from Dave Erdmann with pictures of his 1986 Buick T-Type. We’ve long been fans of these GM G-Body cars, both from a looks and performance standpoint. They’re fast, tough and we especially like Dave’s light blue machine.

The best part? Dave’s the original owner. The car has quite the back story, and we’ll let him take it from here.

Photo courtesy of Dave Erdmann

Terrific T-Type

“I bought this car new in August of 1986 from Rock County Buick Honda GMC in Janesville, Wisconsin. I was home on leave from the Marine Corps. While test driving a Monte Carlo SS across the street at the Chevy store, I noticed the front end of a Light Blue car with the Vector wheels at the Buick dealer. I told the salesman I’d get back to him and went across the street.

Photo courtesy of Dave Erdmann

At the time my older brother was a technician at this dealership. I went into the Service Department and talked to him about which one of the three light blue T-Types I should test drive. He told me to drive the bench seat, column shift car that had very few options. ‘It’s a lighter car,’ he said. At that point I went in and test drove it. The salesman said, ‘You pay for all of your tickets.’

Photo courtesy of Dave Erdmann

First time I got into boost, I immediately flashed back to my ’70 GTO from high school. I said, ‘I’ll buy it.’ I’ve had it ever since. Back in 2015 I started doing some upgrades. Best of which has been the StreetGRIP. Car handles like it is on rails.”

Dave Erdmann

Photo courtesy of Dave Erdmann

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