Bolt-On 4-Links

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The RideTech Bolt-On 4-Link, formally known as the Airbar, bolts directly onto the oem leafspring mounts of your prized project … no cutting, no fabrication, just 4 small tabs to weld to the axle for your upper bars. The ride height of your vehicle is typically lowered by about 2″. The fully deflated height is typically 5-6″ lower than stock. The ride quality is dramatically improved over stock … instead of a wallowing soft ride you’ll experience a crisp, controlled ride quality that will inspire more confidence for performance driving.

Each 4 link bar offers more precise positioning of the rear axle to eliminate flexing and increase stability through the corners. When combined with a ShockWave, Coilover, or CoolRide front suspension kit your classic car or truck can now enjoy the benefits of modern handling and ride quality technology.