2005-2013 C6 Corvette TQ Series CoilOvers - Set of 4

Coil-Over Suspension, Complete System
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Upgrade your 2005-2013 C6 Corvette with TQ Series CoilOvers for track quality handling and bolt-on installation. Rebound and dual compression adjustments provide precise tuning capability. Remote reservoirs provide consistent fluid temps in all environments, as well as easy access to compression tuning knobs. TQ "Track Quality" Series provides single rebound adjustment combined with dual stage - high speed and low speed - compression adjustment. The high speed adjustment feature allows tuning of instances that might induce a high speed excursion of the piston rod. This includes rapid changes in suspension loading such as quick directional transitions in autocross competition. The high speed adjustment also allows fine tuning for impact harshness typically found during street driving such as pot holes, speed bumps, and other road irregularities. Low speed adjustment allows tuning of ride quality, as well as the general cornering characteristics of typical road course and winding road cornering use. TQ Series CoilOvers are the ultimate choice for autocross, track days, drag racing and ultra-high performance use.

With a large 1.834" piston, heavy duty 5/8" shaft, and impact forged bodies, TQ Series CoilOvers are built to perform and built to last. They're backed by our exclusive 1,000,001 mile warranty. RideTech develops our shock calibrations and spring rates through thousands of cross-country test miles, on our exclusive test track and at competition events from coast to coast. We understand the suspension needs of your C6 Corvette better than any other company. This CoilOver system includes front and rear triple adjustable TQ Series CoilOver shocks with remote reservoirs and Hyperco coil springs with proper spring rate.


Install Instructions (11510311.pdf, 2,078 Kb) [Download]