Polished Hot Rod Shocks

Top name custom car builders such as Rad Rides by Troy, Johnson's Hot Rod Shop, Goolsby Customs, Strange Motion, Hollywood Hot Rods and so many others trust RideTech Polished Hot Rod Shocks for their show quality hot rod builds. Polished Hot Rod shocks provide world-class ride quality and handling as well as show quality polished aluminum appearance.

Ridler, AMBR Goodguys or your local cruise night, nothing looks better than our Polished Hot Rod Shocks. They're not all show, however. You get the same great RideTech Monotube Q Series shock technology featured in all of our shocks. You get the same 1,000,001 mile warranty, as well. Polished Hot Rod Shocks are specifically engineered for pre-World War II applications with short shock absorber installed heights and tight packaging limitations. Polished Hot Rod Shocks improve ride quality and handling with specifically tuned compression and rebound dampening.

If you are building a car from scratch, we are happy to help you choose the correct shocks for your application. If you have an existing build, replace your leaky, rusty, bottoming-out "boingers" with RideTech Polsihed Hot Rod Shocks. You'll be thrilled with the ride quality, handling and appearance.

Time Merchant Shocks


Polished Hot Rod shocks are specifically engineered for short installed height, light weight street rods. Top hot rod builders really appreciate the exceptional ride quality. Goolsby's Time Merchant shown.

1938 Chevrolet Coupe


In addition to exceptional ride quality, RideTech Polished Hot Rod Shocks live up to their name. They feature polished aluminum bodies for an out-of-the-box show quality finish. Premium bushings are included.

Million and One Mile Warranty


RideTech is so confident in the durability of our Polished Hot Rod Series shocks, we offer the best warranty in the business 1,000,001 miles. These are truly the best shocks you can buy for your hot rod.

Monotube shock cutaway


Does your hot rod ride like a garbage truck?  Are your shocks bottoming out? We can help you choose the right length shocks for your application. As with all RideTech shocks, our Polished Hot Rod Shocks feature Monotube design for superior ride and handling.

1932 Ford Shock Absorber


It is RideTech's mission to make every last hot rod ride and handle well. It helps that our Polished Hot Rod Shocks are absolute works of art. Your hot rod (and your passengers) deserve the best -- Polished Hot Rod Shocks.

Street Rod Rear Coil-overs


RideTech will work tirelessly to help you get the best ride and handling possible. We can provide matching rear coil-overs for multi-link rear suspensions. Likewise, smooth body Polished Hot Rod Shocks are available for street rods with leaf springs.