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Wilwood Complete Brake System for 1963-1979 Corvette.  For use with RideTech Suspension and 15" or larger wheels (verify wheel fitment with template). 


  • Front "Dynapro 6" 6 Piston Calipers (Red or Black)
  • Front 12.19" Rotors, Drilled and Slotted
  • Front -3 Stainless Steel Braided Lines with fittings
  • Rear "D8-4" 4 piston Calipers (Red or Black)
  • Rear -3 Stainless Steel Braided Lines with fittings
  • Rear 11.75" Promatrix Rotors

This will work on 1963 & 1964 Corvettes equipped with factory rear drum brakes by using a 1965-1982 disc brake caliper brackets.  

When converting from drum brakes to to disc brakes a new Master Cylinder is required.  The Wilwood Tandem Aluminum Master Cylinder is great looking all-in-one solution.   They are available in 3 finishes; Bare, Black E-Coat and Media Burnished.  Bore size selection is important to create the desired pedal feel, we have found the information below to be a good rule of thumb.  

  • 11"-12" rotors with Manual Brakes - 15/16" Bore
  • 11"-12" rotors with Power Brakes - 1" Bore
  • 13-14" rotors with Manual Brakes - 7/8" Bore
  • 13-14" rotors with Power Brakes - 1" Bore


Front Instructions (11009718-INST.pdf, 535 Kb) [Download]

Rear Instructions (11529572-INST.pdf, 240 Kb) [Download]


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